How get specific word from email body

Hi All ,

I have extract email body and save that in variable

so now i need to get specific word and open browser and writ this word in google search how i can do that ?

The word changes from one email to the next but before this can be some specific word which is sender for example

any one can help me please



You could use regex to accomplish this. Unless we have more information about the pattern it will be hard to give you an exact match for your use case, but I have made a simple case using “sender” and matching the word directly after


Also, Steven_McKeering has created a very helpful mega post to help you learn more.


Hi @JosephNehl

I try use that but i get error , where i put that in the Matches it is correct ?


Thank you i will see that

Yes, I would definitely look at that post. Yes you would put this inside of a matches activity, what error are you getting?



this error

Type Into ‘INPUT’: Special keys syntax error. Encountered invalid special key action at text position: 46.

The Matches activity returns all matches found. Are you looking for 1 or many matches? If just 1, use the Match activity. If you’re looking for many, can you describe the use case for getting multiple matches from one regex?

Thank you it is work

i solve the error

Hi @Anthony_Humphries

Thanks it is work

Awesome, If you need any further help let us know

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Thank you @JosephNehl :innocent:

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