Hi I’m new to UiPath here Need help with extracting Email subject

Hi there, I’m new to Ui Path and I’m tasked to create a bot to automate some of the office work

The use case would be for me to extract a string( a reference number) from email subject e.g SR/20200101/0011

The reference number then would need to be copied and pasted on to our own crm software to do a search. Taking a baby steps to complete the project, may I gather some insights on how I can copy the subject reference number?

reference number only and not the entire subject.

Thanks a lot!

Split the subject to get the reference number and Type into it in the CRM software and click on search button.

Hi thanks for the reply! I’m curious how I should split the subject using uipath?

As the project has other steps that are required to be automated example after doing a search the bot should help us fill in some details and close the case. (which I presume should be fairly simple using the recording tool to automate some clicks.) for now it’s to extract the reference number from the subject as a first step. Thanks for the advice!

Which coding language you are using to develop the bot?

I’m using UiPath Studio. I’m a total beginner so I’m not aware there are other ways to create the bot. :sweat_smile:

While creating project in uipath,you should select the language of code which you are going to use like vb,c#.So myou need to write code to split the reference number from subject.

I’m assuming I’m using VB. How do you check this?

You can find at the bottom of uipath studio

Hi could I contact you for some help possible over a wifi phone call or Skype?

Yeah,Via Zoom iit is possible to connect.

Hi just a quick questions. I’ve created a variable called Subjects. And it’s a subjects of the various emails I’m getting. It’s consist of “RE : SR/20200415/1234 DOCUMENT UPLOADED TESTTEST”

I would like to extract the bolded words and save it in another variable SRNumber. I’ve tried split function. But the SR number is not at a fix position. I would like to use a feature to identify the word “SR/“ and then also extract the following 13 characters behind.

Not sure which feature is suitable and hopefully some instructions on how to use it?

we can do with regex:
Variation: Anchored on SR:

in case of extracting the different parts of the sr no we would use groups

have a look here for starter help on regex:


Hi May I ask how do you have the reg ex software? I couldn’t find it

there is no additional software needed.

you can use the match activity


ensure following:

Use an assign activity:
left side: strSRNo | Datatype: String
right side:
Regex.Match(YourSubjectStringVar, “SR/\d+/\d+”).toString

The regex Megapost is highly recommended espcially if this topic is new to you

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Hey thanks for your help! I managed to get it working and extracting the SR number.

I have the next step and that is to upload the email file onto Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I’ve tried recordings function but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there any extension I could take advantage of? Or any better way of using the record function to click away? Thanks!

Lets do one thing: We prefer to scope 1 Topic = 1 Case.
This is helping researchers to find quick a topic.
If the Case is solved, we prefer to get it closed by marking the solving post as solution

For this case just open a new Topic on it. Thanks

Alright thank you! How do I close the case here? Haha

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