How to read PDF using Regex?

I have file PDF.
I want read row that have text จำนวนเงินรวม and read number in 1 and 2

message box read file PDF as show below.

Please guide me about it.

@fairymemay - please convert the pdf to text using Read PDF text activity with Preserve format to true and write the output to text file.

Please share the text file here (after removing sensitive info) with us.

@prasath17 I want data 3 variable as below.

data.txt (497 Bytes)

@fairymemay - Please try this…

Regex pattern Link

for Amt1 = YourRegexvar(0).groups(1).tostring
Amt2 = YourRegexvar(0).groups(2).tostring


Regex Pattern Link

Amt3 = YourRegexvar(0).value

Hope this helps…

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@prasath17 What​ Activity​ to​ call​ pattern​ regex?

@fairymemay - “Matches” activity…


Please refer this post on how to use Regex and many more