All The Latest NEWS here!


All The Latest NEWS is here!

We have decided to have less pinned topics. You can now bookmark this thread and visit it whenever you feel like getting hit with a new batch of UiPath related news!
Moreover, it will be forever pinned for you for easy access.

This was done to stop us from spamming pinned topics, which was happening a lot recently.

From now on, only 3 pinned topics will be visible at a time.

See below for ALL THE NEWS!


> Webinar Product Release 2019.4 Fast Track

> UiPath 2019 Preview (Community Edition v2019.5.0)

> New 2019.4 product features training is HERE!

> #PreviewBlogs 2019.4 - SOAP and Swagger-based REST services for Library projects!

> Orchestrator Mobile now allows you to start your jobs!

> Activate the Beta channel in Studio to get new features NOW!

> UiPath Go! public feed is coming!

> If you had trouble installing your Chrome extension, use this workaround!

Events/Other news:

> Voted by the Public - UiPath Connect! Contest Challenge

> Feeling Lost? Confused? REQUEST FOR A "HOW-TO" TUTORIAL! ^-^

> Join our meetup groups to meet your fellow RPA enthusiast in person!

> Join our official Community Slack channel to have a chat with us!

> Also, check out our UiPath Forum groups for cities around the world!

We hope you like this new formula, but as always - let us know!