We have a new (Slack) space where we can get in touch!


:drum::drum::drum: Here’s a Slack community for all UiPath friends out there: https://goo.gl/o3HX32

Please join and let your colleagues and friends know about it. You’ll find here your UiPath peeps from the forum: @ovi, @badita, @MirceaGrigore from UiPath and other UiPath Slack enthusiasts. +product managers and other friendly folks. Rumors are that Daniel Dines will be joining soon for an AMA session.

Log in, join relevant channels for you and say hi! We have local channels for most of the countries and topic-based channels. We’re figuring this out on the fly so please PM @ovi or @Vlad from UiPath to create new channels or answer any of your questions.



Great!!! :blush::blush::star_struck::star_struck:


Happy you like it! See you there, @Susana :smiley::smiley:


going to take my seat :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Great stuff, @Vlad ! Would love to check this out.






Would love to see






Great initiative by UiPath! I would love to join… :slight_smile:


Wow super :ok_hand:


Was Expecting :heart_eyes:


Hello UiPath team,

i created account a account in uipathcommunity.slack.com and uipathcommunitygroup.slack.com with the name “Cheersrpa”.My bad, i forgot the passwords :frowning:.I want to delete the accounts and i can create new one .Can anyone of you help to delete the accounts.

Thanks in advance


If it helps, you can retrieve password by going to slack.com, then click on Sign in, then “Forgot password”

The address to the community slack should be uipathcommunity.slack.com
You can change your email address in Account Settings by going to https://uipathcommunity.slack.com/account/settings or by navigating until you find the Account Settings from within the slack

You can also change Display name by Editing Profile.

Hope that helps!



It is a Great Stuff!!


Nice, I just joined, but seems members still offline.


There are people from many timezones, some of them with multiple slacks, so maybe that’s why they appear offline. You can still write in channels or directly to someone you’d like to chat with.