New 2019.4 product features training is HERE!

New Academy training - 2019.4 product features!!!

Access here the new TRAINING!

Since now there is a brand new training about new product features available on our Academy! :rocket:

Do you want to update your knowledge? Are you sure you already know everything? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Don’t waste your time and check it out!

You will learn about:
:arrow_forward: SOAP and Swagger Libraries
:arrow_forward: GIT Integration
:arrow_forward: Orchestrator Mobile App
:arrow_forward: Native Citrix XenApp Automation
:arrow_forward: Native RDP support
:arrow_forward: IBM Lotus Notes support
:arrow_forward: Pdf new activities
:arrow_forward: Support for variables in selector

This and many more is now available for free for anyone hungry of knowledge. Always remember - sky is the limit!

:boom: Happy automation! :boom:


Looks like the URL is bad. - Gives me a 403 forbidden

Clicking on the module takes me to


Hey @codemonkee, great catch, thank you!

It is indeed correct that we have to access the enrollment panel of the course first.
The link is going to get updated.

Have a nice week.