UiPath Cloud Platform - Public Preview

Orchestrator Community Edition has a new home! :partly_sunny:

Let’s all welcome the newest member in our UiPath products family: the UiPath Cloud Platform. :tada::star_struck:


  • UiPath Cloud Platform is available for Enterprise usage, we have now entered the Public Preview phase of the offering.

  • We increased the Community Plan offering for your benefit. You now have 2 Development Robots to use with your Studios, 2 Attended and 1 Unattended Robots. For free! :money_with_wings:

  • Easily upgrade to Enterprise, requesting more licenses with just 2 clicks. :boom:

  • The entire orchestration functionality is available from the new UiPath Cloud Platform. Find everything in one place: licenses, multiple Orchestrator services, your own organization where you can invite your colleagues (or co-workers).

  • You no longer need to remember your tenant name, username or password. SSO is built in for easier access to your resources.

  • Regardless of your plan - Community or Enterprise, you can use your Cloud Platform account’s resources in production! Check the updated Terms & Conditions to see which plan suits you best.

  • Did we mention everything in one place? Studio can now be directly downloaded from the Cloud Platform. No more unreceived emails, no more forms. Plug and play. Actually it’s Click and Download.

  • API REST requests using basic authentication are no longer available: we have updated our authentication mechanism to a standard protocol and we will be publishing guides on how to consume the API soon.

If you are a Community Edition user, by now you were automatically migrated to the Community Plan, and you can access your UiPath Cloud Platform account here.

But enough with the overly excited wording. You have details about everything the UiPath Cloud Platform brings in the official Release Notes. And here is the documentation, if you need more information.


That’s a great news and update. :slight_smile:


Waiting for this Release Note :slight_smile:
and this is really good
Cheers @ovi @Mirela


Wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:…Thanks UIpath team for your hard work and to bring to us

You people are always giving more than we expected.

Now we can run unattended bot also with Community Edition. And also we can download UIpath software from here only. No need to request and waiting for mails. People are facing some issues here to receive the mail. Now it’s solved with this.

Thank you guys and once again you people proved why you are No. 1 in the market. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::pray::pray:


We are always happy to make our customers happy :smile:

Please do keep the feedback coming. Thank you!


Thanks for the news!!!


I love the new cloud platform!! Is this platform how I will access Orchestrator in the future and is Orchestrator still under maintenance?



These are great news.
As per the documentation:
" The initial number of licenses for each Robot is received from the licensing server, according to the plan you selected when you signed up for the UiPath Cloud Platform account - Community , Business , or Enterprise ."

I might be miss something, but where you can sign up for UiPath Cloud Platform account - Business or Enterprise ." ?

Thanks a lot!


Indeed it’s really good :+1:


@HalmiNordin @Palaniyappan the release notes can be found here: https://www.uipath.com/product/release-notes/uipath-cloud-platform-public-preview


Hi Vasile,

Indeed there are only 2 plans available, Community & Enterprise.
The documentation was corrected :slight_smile:

Thank you !


Great News :slight_smile::+1::+1::+1:

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When you first join the Cloud Platform your plan is Community. In the Licenses section you can request more licenses and a sales representative will contact you. After the transaction, your plan will automatically be upgraded.


Kudos for the team :clap:Always gives the best :raised_hands:
Exciting to see the new features :heart_eyes:

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Thanks @Ovi,

From the licenses perspective, it’s clear.
But what about from infrastructure perspective? For the users that will ask to upgrade, their data will be under platform.uipath.com - c.e. orchestrator? or it will be under another service/tenant (e.g. enterprise.uipath.com - enterprise orchestrator)
I didn’t found these details in the documentation, but if it is, please drop a link here with the documentation.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @Chrisri: Yes, this will be the new platform through which you will access Orchestrator.
Orchestrator is up and running now :slight_smile:


@wasea the url will be platform.uipath.com; underneath we will have multiple services across locations and plans. For Enterprise, we are in Public Preview phase at the moment, and the default Orchestrator will be used. Once we go to General Availability we will make public our entire architecture distribution and where your accounts will end up


Thanks a lot @andraciorici !

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Is there a separate cost to avail this cloud platform for existing customers?

Thank you for the info, my friend :slight_smile: