Ready, set, START your jobs from your mobile device - Preview (beta) now available!

We’ve further extended the Orchestrator experience to your mobile device where you can now start your jobs using Orchestrator Mobile, now available for both iOS and Android!

This was the single most demanded feature and we’re excited to share it with the community prior to its official release later this month — so please install the beta, try it out, and share your feedback by creating a New Topic here in the Orchestrator Mobile category.

Thanks in advance for your help! Scroll down to see the instructions to install and preview this new beta version.

How to start a job

  1. Navigate to the Jobs page in the menu
  2. You’ll now see the Start Job button in the bottom-right image
  3. This will open a menu where you can select the process you wish to start, specify the robot allocation, and then start the job.

Note: Ability to create a job will be subject to standard User Permissions that are defined here. If you don’t have the correct permissions, the button will appear gray/inactive and upon touch will result in an error message.

image iOS Installation Instructions
To sign up for the iOS Beta test, follow these steps:

  • Click here for the Public Preview (beta) build.
    • If you do not have the “Testflight” app installed on your phone, this link will first prompt you to download it. You can click the Testflight App Store banner at the top of the page to download the app.
    • If you have Testflight, the link will open Testflight, which will invite you to join the beta.
  • Click “Accept” to join the beta and install the new version of the app.
  • The download will overwrite the App Store version of Orchestrator, if you already had it installed.

Note: Once a new production version has been released, users can update through the App Store as they normally would and that update will replace the beta version.

image Android Installation Instructions
To sign up for the Android Beta test, follow these steps:

  • Search for “UiPath Orchestrator” on Google Play or follow this link.
  • Scroll down on the app listing page until you see a banner that says “Join the beta”. Click “Join”.
  • Wait ~5 minutes while you are added to the beta program.
  • Come back to the app listing. You should see banner saying “You’re a beta tester for this app.”
  • Tap “Update” to install the beta version. The Play Store will now download the beta version, replacing the production version on your device.

Note: There is no need to leave the beta program as the next production version will replace the beta app.


Great news!Thanks for sharing @Ryan_Rush!


Expected ! great job ppl :clap::clap::clap:


wow,Great news Thanks @Ryan_Rush

Happy Automation


Now I feel cool saying I’m an UiPath developer.


It is so cool that you can just control your own digital workforce by using a smartphone.
Keep it up, UiPath!


Great work team…
But could you please tell me, if one process is Disable in Schedules tab, So can i able to Enable that process from mobile App.


Hi @abhay,

There currently is no ability to Enable or Disable Schedules via the mobile app yet, but this is a feature we plan to include in an upcoming release!



Okay … thanks @Greg_Guidone


This feature is amazing, unfortunately unable to use …Citrix issues . :frowning:

Hi @armamidwar

Could you elaborate? We’re here to listen and improve whatever can be improved :slight_smile:


This is great another cool feature awsome UIPATH! :smiley:


Our latest Mobile release includes capabilities to Edit, Enable/Disable or Remove a Schedule using the Mobile App.
You can find more info here - UiPath Release Notes


Awesome …
Thanks for informing… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: