UiPath 2019 Preview (Community Edition v2019.5.0)

2019 Preview brings you the first iteration of our soon-to-be LTS: v2019.5.0 Community Edition! :dancer::star_struck:

:skull_and_crossbones: Managing users in Orchestrator Community Edition is restricted to only changing their roles for a couple of weeks. You will not be able to add or edit any new users. Have some patience as this is all for a good cause. :angel:

What’s New


The Breakpoints panel in Studio displays all the toggled breakpoints and their file path in the current project. The panel also comes with shortcuts for breakpoints actions. Get more info from the documentation.

The new Call Stack panel in debugging lists the project execution stack. When debugging is paused, it shows the next activity to be executed, together with its parent containers. Check the documentation for more details.


Add unversioned files to source control repositories using the Add to Source Control shortcut in the Status bar. Once the project is versioned, the Status bar displays the number of files with uncommitted changes. Find more info here.

For Git integration, the same Status bar comes with the additional option of switching branches, together with shortcuts for committing and pushing changes. Read more about this in the documentation.


SAP BAPI v2.0.0 brings a total rehaul of the activities from the previous version. The SAP BAPI wizard as well as the two previous activities, Open SAP Connection and Close SAP Connection, have been deprecated. They have now made way for the SAP Application Scope and Invoke SAP BAPI activities, which follow the classic model of centering around a scope activity, which handles the connection to an app.



We’ve made improvements to the Universal Search in Studio. Aside from the fact that the search box is now more accessible, we’ve also added the possibility to search in project files, find activities used in workflows, or from installed packages, all arranged in their specific tabs. Search results also include variables, arguments, imports, selectors, and dependencies. Read more about this in the documentation.

In terms of usability, we’ve also added the option to navigate through activities in the panel and add them to the bottom of the file opened in the Designer panel with as much as a simple Enter. Check the documentation for more info.

Continuing our neverending efforts on extensibility, Studio has been enriched with the possibility of opening .xlsx, .csv, .json, .txt and other types of files directly from the Project panel, with the default program. Learn how to use this from here.

The Open File Location context menu option in the Project panel opens the local folder containing the selected file. Read more about this documentation.

The Rename context menu option can be used for folders and files, including those captured in Invoke Workflow File activity. Read more about this documentation.

New sequences, flowcharts, state machines, exception handler templates, and folders can be added directly from the Project panel context menu. Check the documentation for more info.

Projects can now be removed from the Recent list, while hover over them displays the entire project Description. Info about this is available in the documentation.

Using a Community Edition license on the machine where you previously activated a Trial license is now possible, as long as licensing terms and conditions are met.

We’ve added several keyboard shortcuts to make Studio and its panels more accessible. Find out all about these keyboard shortcuts here.


If you happen to receive an error during process execution, you can now find the entire call stack in the Runtime execution error window to help you figure out what happened.


The Invoke VBScript activity has been created with the purpose of adding VBScript to the list of the languages you can directly use into your processes.

The Invoke Workflow File activity now has the ability to import arguments, as well as open the workflow that it is invoking, directly from two new buttons in the body of the activity.

The ItemInformationCollection property has been added to the Add Queue Item activity, enabling you to import an entire dictionary as information for queue items.

All of the Lotus Notes activities are now correctly renamed to IBM Notes.

Several new static methods are now available in the UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts assembly, which generate ResultsDerivedField[] collections, that can derive multiple fields from existing results, enabling their usage in the ResultsValue() constructor.


The Change Reading Options of Current Document window is now automatically opened and the correct accessibility settings are selected when you indicate elements from a PDF file in Adobe Reader DC.

Selectors can now be generated for trees in the SAP Business Client 6.5.

Screen and Data Scraping can now be used to create your automation projects for applications relying on the JxBrowser library.

All activities that use images as targets, such as Find Image, have a new property, called Profile. This drop-down enables you to change the image detection algorithm and use the new Enhanced algorithm, that can identify images with more precision at the expense of more resources.

Always at your fingertips, the UI Explorer can now be opened from the options menu in the body of any activity that utilizes selectors. Also, the user interface of the UI Explorer has received some minor cosmetic changes.


To enable you to easily customize the maximum upload file size in Orchestrator when using Azure blob storage, a new web.config parameter - requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength - has been added. You can view more information on it here.

Known Issues


  • Checking out a read-only project.json file after changes were performed to the file in the TFS repository triggers an error in Studio.

  • When using the Rename functionality, Studio automatically checks out versioned files targeted for renaming.

  • The Call Stack panel does not display items after debugging was stopped due to encountering an exception.

  • Studio may throw an error after creating a new process and sequence, closing the latter, and expanding either the Arguments or Variables tab.


  • The Logs page now displays only the last day’s logs, as the Interval filter is no longer set to All.

Activities Versions

The following activity packages and versions are included in the installers and are added as dependencies, by default, to a newly created project in Studio:

  • UiPath.Excel.Activities - v2.6.0
  • UiPath.Mail.Activities - v1.5.0
  • UiPath.System.Activities - v19.5.0
  • UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities - v19.5.0

I have a problem installing the SAP BAPI package, the version of my Studio is 2019.5.0


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Is UiPath.PDF.activities not available in this new version? I cannot find it the packages.

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Awesome Team UiPath.:clap::clap::clap:

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Hi @JoeV

Did you have a look at the list of prerequisites from this page?


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Good job Team :clap::clap:

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Thank you it’s working.


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You need to bring back the “Edit Argument” button on the Invoke Workflow activity. Too many people will click the “Import Argument” button, then click OK which then clears any stored argument values.

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I am facing an issue with Read CSV activity. When I include Read CSV in the workflow , during execution , i am getting no reponse , not even error.

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Hi, I just noticed that nothing is coming in Output panel when I run a workflow. Kindly assist.

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Try restarting your machine

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that Edit arguments is now in the Properties panel of the activity. If you edit there, all data will be kept even if you use Import and Ok. For Out arguments though, we have an issue that needs to be addressed


The idea of the whole import arguments function is to always have the caller and invoked workflow in sync. That is why the invoked workflow’s arguments prime and they should always update the list of arguments on the caller side. We do have some bugs though that seem to undermine the functionality (ie: anything that is already linked to a variable or has a value should not be updated.)


I restarted My studio and system, Working as normal. Thank you.


Great job team!! Nice to see new features on debugging mode, something that is always welcome :grinning:


Thanks for the info…


If there is the UiPath.PDF.activities package.
Restart your machine


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I got the uipath.pdf v2.0 but i am still using v 1.3.1 As the new version’s pdf reader reads more meticulously e.g. including the exact spaces in between

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Wow these updates are amazing!