UiPath Connect! Contest Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Want to win some sweet SWAG from UiPath? Welcome to the beginning of UiPath Connect! - The Challenge.

Connect! is all about collaboration, for the people, by the people. We’re pretty excited, so we want to celebrate the recent launch and have some fun. To do so, we will be awarding the 100 people that create a new project on Connect and make it through the UiPath moderation process by sending you a $20 Amazon Voucher.

Be one of the 100 people to create a new project - it could be a fully fleshed-out idea, an inkling of one, or something that just plain inspires you. Don’t know how to complete or finish your project? Not a problem, Connect! is all about others joining and helping build something great.

There will also be special categories - one winner per category - will receive a $50 Amazon Voucher for the categories below:

  1. Project With Most Followers
  2. Voted by the public
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Get crazy with it
  5. MVP Choice
  6. UiPath Choice

Rules: :mage:

*All projects submitted need to add “100c” to the title of their project to ensure they are entered in the challenge.
*Only one voucher per user - multiple projects will not result in multiple prizes.
*All participants must complete and submit this form Connect 100 Project Challenge


Don’t have an idea for a project, no worries. There’s plenty of other things to do on Connect!

  • Follow your favorite users

  • Follow projects

  • Set up your rich profile

  • Assist on projects

  • Share your knowledge

UiPath Connect! is born to offer individual users, business, technology, a community space where to show off your achievements in RPA and advance the automation first movement. A movement which we envision a robot for every person continued open and free collaboration to make the product even better, and robots that learn skills.

Connect! Is the ideal space for you to explore, grow and create within the RPA Community. Find out more here.


Looking forward to see good projects to be submmited! :slight_smile:

Go UiPath Community!


Excited to see projects and learn from them! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love to take this challenge and convert into opportunity.


I have a few projects already on connect, can I just change their title with 100c to submit for the contest?


Great initiative @Chris.Stallone :slight_smile:


Hi @VirajN,

The projects must be new submissions in order to qualify for the contest.

copy that @Chris.Stallone

Do we have a dead line for submissions?

Challenge will be running for the next 5 weeks - until May 14th.
Looking forward to your submission!

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thank you @Chris.Stallone now I just have to think about an idea simple enough for a beginner like myself to work on :slight_smile:

all recommendations / suggestions welcome :wink:


Wish you all the best bro!!! :smiley:

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thank you @Lahiru.Fernando I look forward to seeing your submission in the winner list :slight_smile:

I think I have an idea with me, let me see if I can execute it as well. Being from a non-technical background I don’t have a clue if my idea is executable or not :frowning:

But then again you know the saying The fool didn’t know it was impossible, so he did it

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I also have an idea which I was trying to put it up on Studio to work during past few days… But I’m not sure whether that will be a competitive idea to compete with all the great heads here :slight_smile:

Let’s see how it goes!! :smiley:

By the way, being from a non techi background isn’t a disadvantage. You may have some awesome ideas that a techi guy do. Let’s give it a shot and see… who knows… you might be the hero at the end of the day!! :smiley:

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I am at a stage where me just participating is a big thing for me. Learning is more important than winning for me at this stage. The concept that I am working on is so basic that a master can do it within a few minutes but for me it will be a great learning experience. So lets see how it goes. :slight_smile:


Dont worry about the winning thing… participation and learning from that is the key as you said. My target is also the same because i also got into this field quite recently. it improves us… So… lets see how it all unfolds. And Im looking forward to see you there too :slight_smile:


Like wise @Lahiru.Fernando

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Thanks @Chris.Stallone
Ready to go

Happy Automation


Can’t wait to see what you create. :+1:


Submitted my 1st project and it is awaiting approval. I hope that it get approved, fingers crossed :pray: :prayer_beads:

I have started working on my second project since multiple entries are allowed.

I am looking forward to seeing more projects specifically from the master’s who I learn so much from like @Lahiru.Fernando @anil5 @lakshman @PrankurJoshi @wija @Vivek_Arunagiri @kaluri @pavanh003 @nadim.warsi @KarthikByggari (sorry if i missed out anyone’s names.)


Great @VirajN!

Multiple entries are allowed to increase your chances :robot: but only one prize per winner. Looking forward to seeing your entry.