Global virtual hackathon: PowerUp Automation. 9 weeks, 50k $ in cash

Global virtual hackathon: PowerUp Automation. 9 weeks, 50k $ in cash

We’ve gone live with the global virtual hackathon: PowerUp Automation.

9 weeks, 50k $ in cash - do not wait!


What is the Power Up Global Virtual Hackathon?

We’re back with our second global virtual hackathon. UiPath is on a mission to help developers automate repetitive workplace processes and to increase employee productivity. In this competition, you’ll build open source, reusable components using UiPath Studio for a chance at over $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Submissions will fall into one of the following categories: Enterprise, RPA for Fun, Automate for a Cause, or Other. We are also looking for Snippets Citizen Developers can use to create their own automations.

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Feel free to use the Hackatons category to ask any questions related to our new edition of the PowerUp Automation.


Its nice :heartpulse:


Superb… A great opportunity for all. :slight_smile:


What about awarding the remaining eight category prizes UiPath failed to honor in the previous global hackathon? Despite receiving 39 submissions, UiPath only awarded 4 out of 12 prizes in the categories of Machine Learning , Dashboards , Automation Frameworks and App and Data Connectors. 90% of the submissions in these categories were deemed ineligible, discouraging developers from submitting projects again.

Hi Terjen,

It seems that you have brought up an issue that has been addressed previously by multiple UiPath employees about our past hackathon.

We at UiPath are dedicated to providing for our community that we are forever indebted to. Part of this means hosting a variety of programs, providing different platforms for our community members to interact on, and most of all, listening and adjusting to our community accordingly. We host these hackathons as an opportunity for the growth of RPA to foster a space and incentives to create the most innovative automation solutions that are then uploaded on our platforms Connect and Go Marketplace.

Due to this, we have structured this program this year to have 4 categories to win prizes in, Enterprise, NGO, Day-to-day, and Citizen Developer snippets. This clarity is listed on our Rules page at While I understand your frustration of our previous hackathon, we reserve the right to adjust our processes accordingly. We have awarded and given back to the developers that did participate, and will continue to stand by our actions of our previous virtual hackathon.

Because there were some submissions that failed security tests previously, structure review, and functionality review, this year we are implementing more engagement with our participants to get direct feedback from some of our UiPath engineers to keep participants on track with the hackathon, and make sure that they create the best solution possible and have a legitimate chance in winning different prizes and rewarded for their work.

Furthermore, I’d like to emphasize that our hackathon program is just one of MANY programs and platforms we have. If there were improvements that you would like to see so that we could reach more developers than just the participants in the hackathon, I’d be happy to have a direct call with you where we can discuss in real time what is your experience and what you think would really improve the UiPath Community, and how developers can best be rewarded by their work and participation.

Again, thank you for your concern and happy to set up a time to discuss all of these points further. Thanks!

-Diana Morgan