UiPath: Community, Enterprise & Installers

UiPath Installers: UiPathStudioSetup.exe & UiPathPlatform.msi

Studio user guide offers updated information about Installing and Licensing.


Download URL: Free Community Edition
Includes: UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot in user-mode(it has has same permissions as the user under which it has been installed)

  • UiRobot.exe path: %localappdata%\UiPath\app-*.*.*

  • UiStudio.exe path: %localappdata%\UiPath(the one here is always the latest version) and %localappdata%\UiPath\app-**.*.****(the one here is specific to a version)

  • Can’t run under locked screen(the Robot service is running under the User session and not under the local system)

  • Is always auto-updating

  • No administrator rights needed in order to install it

  • When installing, you can NOT change the installation folder

If the saved options are overwritten and Studio asks to provide email every time it starts, that usually means that when the user is trying to open Studio, it actually opens the installer – for this, create a shortcut from %localappdata%\UiPath\UiStudio.exe


Download URL: UiPath RPA Platform
Includes: UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot(with all the rights of a Windows service), Orchestrator

  • UiRobot.exe path C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio

  • UiStudio.exe path C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio

  • When you request the Trial you will receive the .msi installer and a trial code

  • Administrator rights needed in order to install it

!!! You cannot go back to Community Edition after activating a license key on a machine. It contravenes with CE terms and conditions. After you have once activated a device with a license code in the past you cannot use the free edition on the same device. After code activation, the device ID remains registered in the system and it does not allow you to go back and activate CE.

In special situations where the above should be approved (going to Community after using a trial or license key) you will need to reach out to support and give details on your request and also provide the device ID of the machine. If the request is approved, support will release the device ID from the system and it will be possible to activate CE.

!!! Regardless of the installer:

  • When you choose Start free the first time you open Studio, you will have Community Edition. You have to choose Activate License(and enter a valid license key) in order to get the Enterprise version.

  • Online activation is mandatory if you choose Start free.

  • Community Edition expires in 12 weeks. After this period it has to be renewed here: UiPath.

  • The Trial license will expire in 60 days. After this period, if you want to continue using UiPath Platform(and if you are fit for a renew), you will have to make a request here - select Service request - Licensing.

UiPath: Community vs Enterprise

CE is a fully functional edition of UiPath Platform.

Because it’s free:

  • support is only available on this Forum(this means no ticketing support)
  • it cannot be activated offline
  • since there is no server integration, CE Robots can only be connected to Orchestrator CE - for evaluation and training purposes. In Orchestrator Community Edition there are two free Development type Robots that you can provision. Details about Robot types in the Orchestrator user guide:


I have two user accounts (A & B) in my Windows10 machine, and I have user A installed the Studio CE, can I use user B to run the Studio ?



No, you cannot, because when you install the Community Edition you it’s under the current user. That’s why the UiPath installation folder is %localappdata%\UiPath and not C:\Program Files\UiPath.


Understood, and thanks.

I am using CE UiPath. I don’t se the UiPath Icon in the system tray.
Does that mean I will not be able to configure my desktop as a ROBOT and connect it to the Orchestrator?


Yes, you will be able to use UiPath Robot. Just open it from the path here:

And it will show up in the tray. Then you can connect it to Orchestrator CE: https://platform.uipath.com/

Thank you very much.
I was able to complete the setup.

One more question: Is there a time period for using the CE version studio and robot?

You can use it forever, but you have to renew it every 12 weeks as stated above in this topic:

Studio will announce you when the license expires, then you go and renew it and you can use it again. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

hi all,
do we need to renew the robot license too ? does it expire ? can we have multiple robots or limited to one ?

Hi Sam,

When the expiration date passes, in Studio you’ll see a pop-up with “Server license expired” error. On Robot side you won’t be able to run processes anymore.

Technically when you renew the license, both Studio and Robot get renewed, but you only have visible expiration in Studio. So the answer is yes, Robot license also expires.

A Robot is a combination of Machine - User, so you can only have one Robot per user.

Does anybody else find it silly that as a licensed user, you need to download new versions of the software using the trial link?

Hi @Dean

The Trial link has always the latest stable released version of UiPath Platform.

As a licensed user, you have ticketing support included. So you can contact the support team and they will provide the latest version without you having to fill in the Trial form.

Here on the Forum I cannot provide the installer because I don’t always know which user is licensed and which is not. That’s why when people ask me about the latest version I point them to the public website forms.

If you have additional questions I’m here to provide you the answers.



I am totally new to UiPath, I am installing Community edition trial version, every time it is asking License Activation? I am individual user, Currently I took break and planning to learn Uipath.Can anybody help me to installation?


Maybe you are always running the installer. Check this out:

Hi Ovi,

Thanks for your reply…Actually I am not getting localappdata folder on my laptop…Could not find UiStudio.exe. When I am running “UiPathStudioSetup”, It is not installing the way we installed other apps. Everytime It is asking for email. I took the same Setup on UiPath Site. Can you please send the installer link again?


You can request for the link on the website, but it would be the same thing. What if you are searching for UiStudio.exe in File Explorer?


Yesterday i have received my new laptop and registered in UiPath community. After receiving the email, I had downloaded the setup file and while installing I am getting “Device ID already activated, trail not allowed after code activation” error . Request your support to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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