Robot Tray how to open?

Hi. Just watching the first video. It says open Robot Tray… but no showing of mouse click as to how. So how to open Robot Tray?

I tried everything :frowning: Thanks!



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—Go to start and search as robot or UiRobot.exe .
—Double click it. Check your systems tray and see if the icon appeared.
Click on It and That would open up the uipath robot

For more details here you go

Hope this would help you

Cheers @kermit7

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Not helping me. What click to make to open the Robot Tray? Specifically?

Please make your video training more clear! This is a huge hiccup.

@kermit7 I think you should explore more as when every one can found and understand the videos you should be able to do too. I think you know what is system tray, in the system tray are able to see a Ui Icon If yes then click on that that’s called the robot tray, if not your UiPath Robot Service is shut and you have to restart the service by going into services.msc

Hi @kermit7,

I have shown you step by step to ope robot tray.