Ui PAth not providing License key for new users?

Hey folks,

So let’s make this clear.

That’s true, it’s how it’s supposed to work. When you request the Community Edition, you receive an email with the download link.

You requested the Enterprise version Trial and you received an email containing the download link and a Trial code (60 days).

That is for Enterprise only. When you install the Orchestrator on your own server.

Since you requested the Community Edition, why not use Orchestrator Community Edition as well: https://platform.uipath.com/?

This has nothing to do with Orchestrator. As the error states, the problem is with your package size. What is the size of the project you are trying to publish? Do you have the Robot connected to Orchestrator?

Finally, please check this post to have a detailed view of how Community and Enterprise work and which to request and use: