License expired


My license got expired i am not able to use trial version of uipath any idea how to do it.
I have tried the ways which was given in forum that i need to go the link and resubmit the form. i resubmitted the form and got the message that its updated restart your uipath studio after restarting my whole system also its not working again getting an error.

I am getting the same error. I already tried renewing the license in the link, deleting all the UiPath Data from Program Data, Local Data and Roaming App Data folders and still is not working

Hi aleiva,

if i get any solution i will let you know and if you get any solution then please let me know the same.

Hi aleiva,

i am able to use uipath once again. please uninstall uipath and before that take backup of all ur projects which you have created and then go again to uipath site and download from the trial version they will send you the mail and download once again from that mail and along with the mail they will provide you the product key in that.

Hi @aamir,

Great to hear you are now able to use it again. Unfortunately, even if I request the trial version I do not seem to receive any email. Will wait to see if I receive it later.

Hi Aleiva,

You will receive the email after some time try to fill up both the form one form for community edition and the other for Rpa free platform and then you will receive mail from any one of them.


If you’ve installed the .msi before, the Renew Community License link won’t work because you’ve activated with the Trial key provided before. The only solution would be to contact support for a trial extension.

More info here:

uipath community adition was expaired. pleas send me link my mail

You can use this link to renew: UiPath