License expired in 4 days

I used the UiPath Studio to activate my free license on 11th Feb 2019.
Today UiPath asked me to activate it again and when trying to do so, it says Subscription expired.

Are you using a CE or an Enterprise Edition?
Have you selected the option to start free ?
You can re-activate your CE license by clicking on activate and providing you registered email id.
If you are still unable then please goto the link below and enter your details:
Then restart your studio and check if it works.

I am trying to activate stand alone license option as I have firewall issues to activate community edition directly from internet.
Already submitted the requested of renewal and restarted again UiPath.
No luck.

Do we get any new license key after renewal or the same old one gets renewed?

So you have a EE version.
Can you add a screenshot your License details?

Use community edition

Just uploaded the email screenshot with all the details of the license key…
Please help as I need it to be fixed on priority…

Ok, so you have used the Enterprise one.
Im not sure if you can reactivate it once it expires. Also you cannot download the CE one.
You will have to raise a ticket with support.

Please read through this post for more details.