uiRobot gets uninstalled when I shut down my Laptop [Windows 10]

Hi @Duwa

Regarding your first question. UiRobot doesn’t get uninstalled, it just closes because you turn off your laptop. And every time you turn it on you have to open UiRobot again. Studio also does that. It closes when you turn off your laptop and you open it again when you turn it on.

Now, “Unable to find UiRobot service on Windows services List” - this is not an issue, this is how it works because you have installed UiPathStudioSetup.exe. This is the Community Edition, which is free and has some limitations, one of them being that you have the Robot running in User-mode, not as a Windows service. I have explained all this in details here:

To solve your first request, you can add UiRobot.exe in the Windows - Start Up folder and it will open every time you turn on your laptop. You can find the steps here: Change which apps run automatically at startup in Windows - Microsoft Support

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