Instalation isuses with community edition

I have downloaded community editions and facing below issues

  1. Its asking to provide email id everytime I start UIPath studio
  2. activities installed or not shown when I close and open UIPath studio again


Hello there,
Running the installer overrides the AppData folder so please navigate to below folder and create shortcut on desktop and run from there.
%Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio

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Thank you for the quick response.

On this topic - what about installing the Community Edition on lab computers at a college? The license that seems to come with my individual copy of Community Edition doesn’t seem to apply for use in a lab. Has anyone, by chance, worked out the license and installation issues for use in a school?


Hi Kevin,

Did you request the trial(.msi) and received a license code? Or did you request the Community Edition(.exe)? Why doesn’t it apply in your school lab? Do you get any errors?

Hi, Ovi - Thanks for the fast reply! I just used the .exe on one computer. How do I request the .msi (assuming that that would be the way to go)?

Is ok with the .exe also. When you first open Studio and click Start free, you just enter your email and you can use it for 12 weeks. Then, everytime you open Studio you will have to click Continue free. After that period, just go here: to renew the free license and you’ll be able to use for another 12 weeks and so on. The CE only activates online.

So, my question is, after you click Start free, do you get any errors? (maybe you're behind a firewall)

The difference between installing .exe and .msi is:

In my opinion, you can use the .exe in the lab(i suppose it’s for learning purposes).

P.S.: you can request the .msi from here:|2ca06a73-a89a-4eec-a924-1cb54164c2f8
But you need to use the company/school email address.

Thanks again, Ovi. I’m worried that this might still form some kind of legal problem. We have a number of these lab computers available for our students to use, but it sounds like each individual computer would be licensed to whichever student happened to use them the first after a trial expiration. So, the same student could end up registering for trials on several lab computers. Has this kind of issue come up the past?