UiPath Community 2023.4 Stable Release

UiPath Community 2023.4 Stable Release

We are now getting close to our first Long Term Support Enterprise release of the year and as part of our release process, we are making our latest 2023.4 Community version available to our Community users.

There are too many new features that were added since our last LTS release to list them all here, but you can head to the links below where you will find a recap of all changes for each individual platform component.

If you haven’t done it already, please take a look at the new trigger-based attended automation capabilities as well. More details on this can be found below:

We hope to catch your attention with at least a few of them, and we hope to hear from you about the ones you find the most impactful, and the ones you wish to see evolve further.

Studio & StudioX

Robot & Assistant

UIAutomation, Computer Vision & SAP Automation

Activities (Mail, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, System)

Test Suite

Document Understanding

If you are using our Community Edition, it should auto-update. If for any reason it did not auto-update, you can grab it from our Automation Cloud Resources page.

Please tell us what you think

Which features excite you the most and you are going to try right away? We want to hear what you think! Please use the image button below :slight_smile:


I’ve updated.

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I’ve Excel data Which has Date which is in generic format i want to convert it in date format then filter according to current date
the below code is not working bcoz it is in generic format

(From r In Location_DT
Where DateTime.Parse(r(“Begin Date”).ToString).Date.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)>=Today.AddDays(-1).Date.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”) And
DateTime.Parse(r(“Begin Date”).ToString).Date.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)< Today.AddDays(-2).Date.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)
Select r).CopyToDataTable

I think depending on this tool for automation is not worth it.

I have a scenario where I need to develop process for some client. Everything was working fine while developing process also it was working in background.

But when I used same process to run in production element was not found and error was thrown. This case made my client to feel that RPA developer was not good enough.

I think UiPath is just testing their tool which is not yet ready for market release.

Hope UiPath get to know this.
No happy automation !

invited User failed to activate the account. it directly to the signup page. there is no error message after my User inputs a password. but I found error code 400 in the inspect element.

it depends on how expert your RPA developer is to use the tools.

I have been using UiPath since 2018 and so far UiPath is the best RPA tool to meet my customer expectation.

before you jump to RPA Project. your team needs to understand application behavior so we will know which activities are fit for certain cases.


I found a bug remove unused-variables in the Studio v23.4.1

Link : https://forum.uipath.com/t/remove-unused-variable-do-remove-all-variables/


Where can we get cumulative enhancements from version 2021 to 2023?


Bug Report #2 https://forum.uipath.com/t/bug-report-2-for-each-attributes-are-missing