UiPath Community 2023.4 Stable Release - Robot & Assistant

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements in Robot & Assistant. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here.


Warm executor

Performance improvements were made for the start-up of a process. Whenever you start the Robot, by default, the following pre-loaded executors are automatically launched:

  • On Windows: Windows and Legacy
  • On Mac: Cross-platform (Portable)

You can overwrite the default behavior by adding the UIPATH_PRE_LOADED_EXECUTOR user environment variable to the robot machine with the value None. This way, the pre-loaded executor only starts when the first process is run.


The pre-loaded executor feature is only available for attended execution processes started from UiPath Assistant, RobotJS, Studio, or the command line interface. An unattended job starting from Orchestrator launches a single executor when the job starts.

Save job execution recording

You can now see the execution job recordings for unattended robots. For this to be possible, what you need to do is to enable the Job Recording in your Orchestrator from the Processes :arrow_right: Edit :arrow_right: Additional Settings interface.

:star: You can select if you want to record only failed jobs or all jobs.

:star: After the job finishes executing, open the contextual menu on the Jobs interfaces and select “Open recording” to see the magic happen.

You can find out more about it in this here Recording - Preview release

Live streaming and remote control for windows robots

We now provide live streaming for unattended robots that will help you debug easier! More than that, you can also remote control when live streaming :rocket:. To make this happen, access Orchestrator → choose your folder → identify an automation → click edit and enable “Allow live streaming” and, if you want, check Enabled for Allow remote control when live streaming.


While the automation is running you can see the live streaming from the Jobs interface, by clicking on the contextual menu of the running automation and then on the Open live stream option. If you want to interact within the environment, simply click on Take remote control.

In the GIF below you can see an example:



Favorites section

In the Assistant Launchpad, below the “UiPath Products” section, a new group called “Favorites” will be available. When Assistant is used in single column view, this group will be visible in the Automations List in the Home tab. Other groups can still be created in Launchpad, and they will also appear in the Home tab.

Navigation improvements

We did some changes in the way you can navigate between menus while you use Assistant in a single column.

Running Tab

UiPath Assistant introduces the Running Tab! :rocket: This tab reveals itself on the details panel when you start running an automation, displaying the progress through status messages. These messages are filled via the Report Status activity by the automation creator. On the Running Tab, the status messages go along with a time-lapse that indicates when the specific status finishes, therefore now you can easily see the progress and the total time your automation takes to run!

:star: Keep in mind that for this to work ideally and to create a great running experience, your automation needs to use the Report Status activity as much as needed. You can read more about this activity here.

:star: This tab is not persistent, so you can dismiss it after the automation has run, or you can start running the automation again.

Input arguments and their default values

You can now see which arguments have default values defined at design time simply from the Assistant. If a variable has a default value and is not modified, the automation will run with that default value. You can also update them with your preferred values.


Share an automation

You can share automations with a colleague! You can do this by clicking the share icon next to the automation name on the details interface.

A link along with a message is copied into your clipboard, and now you can paste it on an email or message! :mailbox_with_mail:

Try it out! But keep in mind that this feature works only for automations found in shared folders :open_file_folder:


To disable the sharing of an automation, access Automation Ops → Governance → select the policy → Feature Toggles and select No for “Allow users to share an automation URL” :lock:

Automation Hub URL

Now if a process was created because of an idea, you can conveniently access that corresponding idea in Automation Hub by clicking on the "More details" link from the details interface. :rocket:


Awesome updates. I really like the new warm executor improvement. Hopefully this means even faster attended automation startup, because I have found that it can take a few seconds before processes actually run.

Nice one UiPath! :smiley: :+1:

Wow, just tested it out and the new warm executor is awesome! Processes that would take 3 to 5 seconds to start now start instantly! That is amazing and makes certain quick attended automations even more valuable since you don’t have to wait so long… Awesome improvement. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.


For those who have the habit to click rapidly on “View Logs” for a job in the Orchestrator, it is too bad that you have changed the place :sweat_smile: New habit to take…

Best regards,

agree and also you need to have extra effort to use a Report Status activity to show the log on UA.

@andreea.oprita, Hi again, just a follow up on my last comment about the “warm executor”. It is good, not as amazing as I previously thought. Every time I restart my PC (which is about once a day) it seems to “lose” the warm executor and it has to go slowly one time, and then after that it is fast.

I wish it would just “stay warm” and keep going just as fast after a reboot. Sometimes I only use an automation once a day, and this warm executor does not help if I restart every day because it has to run slowly once. Hopefully this can be worked on and improved and work even after a reboot, then this feature will be really awesome :smiley: