UiPath Community 2021.10 Stable Release

UiPath Community 2021.10 Stable Release

Coming soon after a very successful Forward IV, the new 2021.10 release brings many of the improvements that have been presented on stage in Las Vegas, less than a few weeks ago.

As we are embarking on a new Long Term Support release, the UiPath platform matures into a unique set of tools, ready to tackle all your automation needs, from idea to implementation, from the first line of code, through to testing and ongoing maintenance.

This release brings a lot of exciting features, so don’t be afraid to dig in to each of the articles and find out what’s new in every product.

Click below to read much, much more around each individual platform component or to share your feedback with us:

Both the Preview and Stable Channels have been updated to the latest stable version of 2021.10.

If you are using our Community Edition, it should auto-update. If for any reason it did not autoupdate, you can grab it from our Automation Cloud Resources page .


A post was split to a new topic: I can’t open old workflow in 21.10 Studio. It opened xml not studio?

Where can I d/l a copy of the latest V2021.10? I am using 2021.4.5 now.
Would like to test it to see if the bug I am facing gets resolved in the 2021.10 stable version.
Pls advise.


I’m also interested in downloading this new version. Since some days I’m trying to test a functionnality on Orchestrator that indicates that a 21.10 robot version is needed for. Furthermore, I’m facing some issues that I think could be resolved in this new version. But I’m only able to download the version21.4.5 that is the one I’m already using.

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To start, the Community license users should get auto-updated to the latest stable release on their own via the auto-update feature.

If this somehow doesn’t work, then the latest Community stable version can be grabbed from the Automation Cloud → Help (bottom left), and then stable version:

I can see that there is a glitch and it still shows Version 21.4.4, but the link will already download the 21.10. Sorry for the confusion, this will be fixed soon.

Okey, I will try monday with the stable link because I’ve find how to download the beta but it is not working properly (I have the same error with all my process):


Nevermind I have a doubt: Enterprise licensed Orchestrators we also have the permission to download and use this community version in order to have the latest release? As if I’m using the enterprise edition (21.4.5) I don’t have access to some functionalities that requires me the 21.10 version. :woozy_face:

In case of enterprises and enterprise installations, it is best to wait for the official Enterprise Stable release which is scheduled in the coming weeks.

As to the error, could you provide more information about what you were trying to do and when it happened?


@Airun the community version is still intended to be used by community user. Even if we share all our features with the community being released a few days/weeks earlier there is a small chance some unknown issues are still present.

For our enterprise users, we recommend waiting for the enterprise release for production environments. 2021.10 LTS release will be GA soon.

Please let us know if the error persists and how you are running into it. I think you are somehow downloading a 21.10 version of the template on an older Studio version.

I really miss the feature to automatically select the variable type when creating a new variable, why remove this feature

I’m just trying to open the “Main” file of my processes on the community Studio v 21.10 that I’ve installed in one of our machines to test the robot feature that was indicating me that version 21.10 is required to use the feature. When I try to open the “Main” file of any of my processes or I try to run any of them I receive this error message.


I’m also having the same issue with version 2021.4.5 now!! It was working fine in this machine before trying to install the 2021.10!! :cold_sweat: :sob:

I’ve uninstalled completly UiPath (computer settings, applications, Unistall) and reinstalled it from Orchestrator. What happened? Why my processes don’t work anymore? :cold_sweat:


What about UiPath Apps please? The on-premise version was supposed to be released on October 21. Can we have more information ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

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Ok, Ive uninstalled UiPAth again and, after uninstall, I’ve deleted the content of .nuget folder on all users on the machine and, after that, I’ve installed again the stable community 21.10 release: it’s working “ok” now (one of my processes is no more recognizing a login button in a web, but at least processes are opening and running correctly again). :joy:

I think it can be good to consider to add to your uninstalling feature that it also delete .nuget folders content on the machines to avoid this kind of issues, I suppose I’m not/will not be the only one who happen.

@Airun I suppose you were installing from an older version that was installed in service mode → nuget packages installed as the service user. Now you changed the installation to user mode and the nuget packages are accessed as your user (with fewer privileges).

Can you please confirm if this is the case? We will try to improve the experience.

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Hi @Seldon , can you please detail what you are experiencing differently from previous releases? Is it the CTRL+K shortcut for creating variables or something else? Thanks in advance.

@Seldon thanks for your feedback. This is something that was never possible in Studio since when you create Ctrl+K the type is automatically selected to match the declared type of the activity/argument you have selected.

We are looking into improving this so you might see this in a future version.

As an enterprise user, where can we keep track of when a new enterprise version is released?

Hi @hbpe

For that we can suggest the Release Notes section of our documentation:

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