UiPath Community 2023.4 Stable Release - Test Suite

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements in Test Suite. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here .

Export as Library

It is now possible to export a project you are working on into a library in case you come to the conclusion that it would make sense to reuse the components.

For this release, we have made the option more visible and moved it from the context menu into the ribbon.


Show in Project Explorer

With the introduction of the Test Explorer panel, we received feedback that it is sometimes hard to keep track of items within your project as you can find them in the project view as well as in test explorer. In an attempt to make navigation easier, we have introduced a task within Test Explorer that allows you to focus on the same item in project explorer.


Create an Execution Template based on an existing template

Through execution templates, you can wrap test cases at runtime to use your defined execution conditions for multiple scenarios. For example, instead of copying, pasting, and maintaining multiple test cases, you can create a single template that acts as a boilerplate to wrap the test cases at runtime.

In order to make it easy to create new templates we now allow you to define an existing template as your starting point when creating a new one.


Return null on the empty test data queue

[Get Test Data Queue Item] activity so far threw an exception when the test queue was empty. This turned out to be very inconvenient and required developers to surround the call with a try catch.

We have adapted the behavior similar to standard queues, returning now null in case the queue is empty.

Draw Pattern

Besides standard touch commands, there are situations where an app expects a certain custom touch command when e.g. drawing a pattern on the screen. In order to automate such kind of complex commands we have added a new activity that allows you to draw patterns with multiple points.

Ideally, you start recording the pattern on Mobile Device Manager using the pattern recording button, and then import the recorded points into Studio.


Positional Swipe

So far, our swipe activity was restricted to swiping from one control to another. In cases where no control could be identified on the screen, you were not able to perform this operation. This is why we have added a new capability to our mobile activities, allowing you to swipe from and to specific points on the screen.


Sync with Active Document

To improve navigation within Studio we have added a new button in the project view toolbox called ‘Sync with Active Document’. When selected, the currently open document in the designer will also be focused on within the project panel.