UiPath Community 2023.4 Stable Release - Studio & StudioX

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements in Studio & StudioX. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here.

Search activities from all official packages

Starting with this release you can explore and use activities without the need of installing the package in advance. Any activity search will look over the packages available on the official feed and allow you to use the activity with a simple click. As a prerequisite Studio needs to be connected to Cloud and to have a cross-platform project.

Track used applications and websites

Starting with this release, if the latest activity packages are used, Studio will report which applications and websites are being used in the automation process. This information can be visualized in Orchestrator, providing valuable insights into the automation workflow.

Autogenerated variables for cross-platform projects

To help with building a workflow, we’ve introduced a capability to generate variables automatically for activity outputs. The variables will be stored only when consumed so this shouldn’t impact performance or project size and should help build a workflow quicker. The experience is customized for Studio and StudioX.

For Studio, the activity outputs are displayed with their actual name and can be used in IntelliSense easily. The activity outputs behave just like any other variable and will be visible in the Data Manager once used.

For StudioX, we display a more visual representation of the variable - the activity name as well as the name of the property to make it easier to understand the origin of the activity. The activity output is not visible in the Data Manager.

Show Properties Panel for all activities

After unveiling the updated activity design in version 2022.10, we received valuable feedback from our users regarding the absence of the Properties Panel. In response to this, we are excited to reintroduce the Properties Panel for activities featuring the new design.

Live Stream support over Remote Debugging

When utilizing the remote debugging functionality, users can easily visualize the actions that the robot is performing in real time. This feature is particularly useful for troubleshooting and updating automations that are running on the production environment. It is worth noting that this feature is supported out of the box for Serverless robots, making it easier for users to monitor and manage their automation workflows.


Find References support for Global Variables

We are constantly striving to improve on our previously released features, and in this latest release, we are bringing support for finding references to global variables and constants. With this new functionality, users can easily identify all the places where a global variable or constant is used throughout their automation projects, enabling them to make changes more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Data Manager Improvements

Data Manager sorting support

We enhanced our sorting support in Data Manager by introducing the option to simply drag & drop variables, arguments, and constants in a preferred order. This allows users to create custom rules on how to order the resources. To restore the sorting to an alphabetic order, you can simply click on the Sort button in the Data Manager (the alphabetic order applies to all resources in the Data Manager).




Using the Refresh button in the Data Manager now allows each category to be refreshed individually instead of blocking the interface while this happens. The categories that are loading will have a spinner flagging that and the resources will be disabled until they’re read. This should make it faster and the interface should become more usable.

Define values for activities in libraries

We are re-enabling the ability to define predefined values for custom activities created via Libraries.

Validation improvements

Project validation will now be quicker and more efficient, utilizing less RAM and CPU resources during the validation process.


Activities generated from an openapi file aren´t usable for now:

The Help Menu in the GlobalVariableChangeTrigger redirects to a page which is Not available.

UiPath Documentation Portals

Bad update.

UiPath Studio is not listing all the files inside my data folder anymore. I have *.csv / *.yml / *.png files inside data folder along with *.json and *.txt.


Does not matter if the Studio has or not support to open these files, in need to allow me just double click on them and open with the respective application in my system, as it was in previous versions.

I’m testing the below version:

Studio 2023.4.1 - 5/10/2023
Community License
Per-user Installation

License Provider: Orchestrator
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

hi @alexandretperez ,

Can you please try this once and see if this helps.


Thank you @mukeshkala, it never crossed my mind to check new options in the filters. I’ll check that later today.