Announcing a new callouts infrastructure

With UiPaths’s 2023.4 version, the UiPath.Callouts.Activities package is being updated to take advantage of the new attended triggers / forms capabilities that is being introduced as well.

Note: The 23.4 version of this package is not backwards compatible with older versions of the package.
To take advantage of this new capability, please use the following packages available on Official Feed:
UIA - 23.4.1-preview
Forms/Callouts - 23.4.1-preview


UiPath callouts are based on the forms infrastructure, so each callout actually renders forms that were previously defined in your project (Studio: New Form). The callouts package comes with the “Show Callout” activity that is to be used whenever you want a callout to be displayed.

Once the “Show Callout” activity is executed and the callout is displayed, your workflow will continue to execute. In other words, the “Show Callout” activity is non-blocking.

The callout will always be displayed on top of the target element’s window.

Target Elements

Callouts are linked to a specific UI Element. So once the “Show Callout” activity was added, you’ll need to indicate the target element to attach to. The callout will be displayed next to that element and will follow it around assuming th element is being moved.

Callouts lifetime

A callout is displayed when the activity is executed and will follow the target element’s position.

If the target element goes away (ex: the user navigates to another app state where the target element is no longer present), the callout will be closed.

If the main app (the one where the target element resides) is minimised or another application is brought into focus on top of the main app, the callout is hidden.

When the app is restored, the callout will be displayed again.

Programmatically closing a callout

A callout can be closed just like a form, using the “Close Form” activity.

Triggers (buttons, etc)

Just like a form, a callout can have buttons, textfields, or other input elements. These will trigger events when interacted with just like a regular form.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a few videos:

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