2019.10 Enterprise Release

2019.10 LTS Release

It has been a crazy year for our teams. They went above and beyond to deliver you highly anticipated improvements to all our products, as well as new products altogether.

To give you an overview on what we’ve been working on in the past six months, here’s a list of the most important new products, together with new features and improvements in our Platform offering.

Please explore them and let us know what you think. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Studio & Robot 2019.10

Code Quality control with Workflow Analyzer

Code proof your projects using built in best practices or build your own.

Use command line support to verify your packages before publishing.

Build your own custom rules and enforce them directly in Studio, by making use of the UiPath.Activities.Api package.

Please note that we’ve made changes to the Regex expressions of Variable Naming Convention and Arguments Naming Convention rules. It is recommended to remove the RuleConfig.json file from under the Rules directory, in the installation folder. Open a new process, and a new RuleConfig.json file is automatically regenerated.

New Debug-First approach

You now have these debugging actions on the Ribbon at your disposal:

You can now better control of your debugging test actions with the ability to:

Command Palette

  • Trigger the Command Palette to Add or Jump to Activities, Go to a File in the project or perform an Universal Search to find elements from all files.
  • Universal Search now looks in all project files and returns results grouped by smart filters.
  • A quicker way of adding activities is by using the Plus sign above or below an activity in the workflow.

Git improvements

  • GIT integration receives support for SSH
  • Switch branches in Status Bar

Activities Project Settings

UI Revamp

Resources Panel

  • The new Resources Panel loads Assets, Queues and Processes from both Classic and Modern Orchestrator Folders, and removes the fuss of going back and forth between Studio and Orchestrator
  • Once connected to Orchestrator, you can also switch between folders from the Status Bar

Long Running Workflows and Orchestration Process

Running Background Processes in Parallel


Please keep in mind that not all features are enabled on the Community Cloud Platform Orchestrator instances. Please see here for a list of features that are disabled on Cloud Platform tenants.



Connect Enterprise

It allows you to manage the entire automation lifecycle with instant transparency and control.

Localization / Language support

We’ve added a few more languages: Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), and Turkish.

More on this release

Extended Enterprise Release notes here: 2019.10.1

History of our 2019 releases here:

New Academy Courses

We have been working on updating our courses on our academy space and will continue to issue new updates and new courses. Please join our Academy today.

2019.10 Preview Products

We have been working on several new products which are not LTS quality just yet, but we have opened the Public Preview program and we would love your feedback.

StudioX Preview

StudioX is an exciting new product that makes automating certain applications a whole lot easier. It offers a simplified way of automating processes that rely on interaction with Excel spreadsheets or Outlook emails. In fact, it’s aimed at empowering citizen developers and offering them an intuitive tool for creating and running processes that make use of Microsoft Office applications.

StudioX is available as a separate profile in Studio. See how you can switch to StudioX here.

Explorer Expert Preview

UiPath Explorer Expert is a process discovery tool to help you get detailed insights about automation candidates directly from your employees.

More information here.

As always, please provide feedback about these new features!


Wow … we are expecting this. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Thank you


Thats awesome. Waited so long for this release. Looking forward to try out this new features.
im also hyped for the new products that will come along with this release like connect-enterprise and explorer-enterprise .

Great work! Glad to see that UiPath tries to standardize the RPA-market.


Did something happen with Git support ??!

I just upgraded from Studio 19.4 to 19.10 and, Poof, Git is no longer showing up in Studio … at all. The Studio Teams menu is only showing TFS and SVN.

Where did Git support go ?


Hi @soneill437, Please check the following requirements: Hardware and Software Requirements . If you are using Win7 without Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update, GIT will be disabled (won’t be available in the application). If you add the 2015 redistributable update, Git will be enabled again. Please confirm. We will make a fix so that options are disabled instead of missing in the immediate future, but please apply the above recommendations in the meantime.


Confirmed issue addressed. Recommendations on documentation:

  • C++ 2015 is required even outside of Windows 7 as I’m using 2012r2. The documentation makes it look like that update is required with Win7 (and only Win7) to get Git working. That should be cleared up somewhat.

  • Recommend the documentation be updated to indicate that C++ 2015 Update 3 x86 (32-bit) version is what must be installed since Studio is a 32-bit application. Some folks might install the 64-bit version for 64-bit versions of Windows and wonder why Git is still not showing up.

Thanks for the FYI !!


Hi @mircea
Awsome features.Is c# language still not included in the updates?




Great news and it’s great to see the new enterprise version with so Many new features…


Wow…: Great news…


Cheers :slight_smile: Every One :slight_smile:


Is this the LTS release?


Great work. Good to see lot of new features. :ok_hand:

More debugging options, saves development time. :+1:


Yes. This is the LTS release.


Hi @pattyricarte, yes C# did not make it into 19.10 unfortunately. More details here: C# Support Temporarily Removed in Studio 19.10


I tried to upgrade Orchestrator from19.4.4 to this latest version, but I got the following error:
“An expected error has occured” then it exits:

Than I discovered that needs below:
Product: UiPath Orchestrator – This application requires .NET Framework 4.7.2. Please install the .NET Framework from Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 offline installer for Windows, then run the installer again.


I had the same problem as Bassam_Basamad. It would be nice if the installer check this first. The detailled error is only visible inside event viewer


Hi @mircea

Thanks for the info,I know for sure c# will come back :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


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awesome, our enterprise edition is going to expire this month…great…i would like to discuss on this with my team… :):relaxed:
thank you so much
Cheers @loginerror @mircea


Hi which version that you are using _