Studio, Robot and UIAutomation 2019.12 Preview Release

The 2019.12 Preview Release is available, bringing you lots of new StudioX capabilities, improved Agent Desktop, support for VMWare technologies, Studio and UIAutomation improvements.

Rearranged Shortcuts in Studio

We’ve made the shortcuts screen smoother in Studio by placing the Open Main Workflow option higher up in the list and making the shortcuts much more visible. Check it out below:

While we’re at it, extensions and apps in the Tools tab were also rearranged:

Project names may contain whitespace characters. When naming projects, keep in mind that whitespace characters are removed at publish time.

Clear All in Watch Panel

The Watch panel now has a Clear All context menu option for removing all entries in the panel at once. Read more about the Watch panel here.

Robot Telemetry

Anonymous usage data is now collected by the Robot. The telemetry option is enabled by default, and it helps us better understand how you use the Robot so we can considerably improve its capabilities.

Robot Proxy Configuration

This release brings several improvements to proxy configuration on the Robot side. The new proxy.config file allows you to set up global proxy configurations, and has the following benefits:

  • simplified proxy configuration

  • persistent proxy configuration after upgrade

Agent Desktop Update

We’re constantly working on Agent Desktop so it can work better for you. The Orchestrator Settings window is included in General Settings and other improvements to design and functionality are now part of this release.


Support for VMware Technologies

Virtualization for the win! VMware technologies now join the family of virtualization technologies we support in Studio. As of now, you can create automation processes for VMware Horizon applications and desktops. Simply follow these configuration steps and you’re ready for VMware automation.

Computer Vision

This release brings table cell detection support to the list of capabilities of the Computer Vision activities. This means you can now detect and use text inside table cells in the apps you’re automating.

Since we know drop-down menus are very often used in automation, we have created a new activity, CV Dropdown Select, which helps you easily operate any drop-downs you might come across in your automation journey.

Also, we’ve performed several UI changes, with the constant goal of enhancing your experience in mind.

SAP UIAutomation Activities

We’re constantly working on bringing you the best SAP automation experience. Hence, various improvements were made regarding SAP WinGUI automation, the supported SAP elements, and what configurations need to be performed for a tailored SAP automation experience.

Several new SAP-specific activities are now delivered with the UIAutomation package. They enable you to build accurate selectors for particular SAP controls, extract data, and perform click actions. They are as follows:

  • Select Menu Item - allows you to select a menu Item from the main SAP WinGUI window

sap select menu item

sap select dates in calendar

  • Read Statusbar - reads the message displayed in the Statusbar on the bottom of the SAP WinGUI window

sap read statusbar

sap click toolbar button

sap click picture on screen


Improvements were made to Java CAA CJSpread/JBK Tables in order to properly identify enabled and disabled cells.


You can now generate more accurate top-level selectors for tooltips, popups, and dropdown menus.

Breaking Changes

The title attribute is no longer exposed in selectors for editable text controls (such as forms). Consider using the text attribute instead when generating selectors.

Bug Fixes

  • UIExplorer would throw an exception after Indicate Anchor was used on a CMD or PowerShell instance. This happened after interactive selection was performed on the particular instance.

  • Selecting an item from a dropdown menu on a web page did not generate a selector.


  • Fixed an issue which caused <html> selectors should be generated instead of <wnd> for particular Java Applets.

  • Selectors were not generated for JavaScript Popup windows in Chrome and Firefox.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Click activity to fail when executed on a date selector function in a custom Java App.

  • Interactive selection did not function for particular UI elements of a custom Java App.



A new shortcut is now available inside the Validation Station wizard, enabling you to add a new value in a multiple values field by simply using the f+a keyboard combination.

A new option, ForceApplyOCR is now available for the Digitize Document activity. When the option is selected, it applies the OCR engine to all the pages of the document, including native PDF.

The extraction and configuration wizards now support bulk field selection for document types and table fields.

A small improvement was done for the OmniPageOCR activity by adding descriptions for the Scale, Result, and Profile options.

OmniPage OCR is now available as a default option in the OCR section of Studio’s Project Settings window.

UiPath Screen OCR engine is now available as an OCR option in the Screen Scraping wizard.

Bug Fixes

  • Inside the Validation Station wizard, the Document Type field had a check box for confirming the validity of the information. Now, the check box has been removed because the Document Type field is confirmed once the type is chosen from the drop-down list.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Data Extraction Scope activity to throw an error when it was run with a customized machine culture and the FormatValuesIfPossible option selected. Now, the activity runs as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Validation Station wizard to display incorrectly the table preferences, when using the Extract new table option.

  • Fixed an issue that was returning an error when Validation Station wizard was run with Callout activity chained before or after it. Now, the activity runs as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some performance issues when large amounts of text were selected in the Text View option of the Validation Station wizard. Now, the Text View option displays the text as expected.

  • The language option for OmniPage OCR activity used with the Screen Scraping wizard is now displayed as a text box, not as a drop-down list. You can now add the language code directly as a string. After running the process, if no language is matched with your input, then the field is automatically set to auto. This change is visible in the process logs.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect language code display. Now, the OmniPage OCR activity uses the ISO language codes.


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Can we use this preview version in our Enterprise license?
The SAP activities for getting msg in statusbar really helps my customer and I would like to suggest them using this feature. Thanks.


It will be an awesome version.
I can’t wait to try it.


helpful features, thanks UiPath :heart_eyes:


Wonderful , Thanks UIpath


When do we get this release in Community edition.


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Wow for SAP new activities :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi @alexandra.vaidos,

I have a request . Can you add latest python version in PythonScope activity . May be in the next release or in the current one. The current Python Scope activity supports until 3.6. But the latest version is 3.8. Can you please update the version in the scope activity. One of user is also request in the below link.



Wow… this is super amazing… there are lot of features that I have being waiting to be available. Just at the right time… you are super!!!

Keep rocking always…


@alexandra.vaidos Any chances that the insider preview builds get updated too?


hi there @Lunk. Studio MSI in the Insider Portal has been updated to this latest version, you should be able to see it already. let us know in case it’s not.


hey @Bianca_Duminica,

thanks for the answer.

The versions under the preview “Release Canidate” are from before 19.10 LTS.
Orchestrator is listed as version build 19.10.3.

The orchestrator version mention in the section “Be Ahead of the Competition” in the portal is listed as 19.10.15 (Installer version 19.10.2 LTS). This is the already public build for productive enterprise Solution.

Same goes for Studio builds.
I dont find any insider builds for Studio and Orchestrator newer than 19.10.2 & 19.10.15 which can be use in a testing environment of an enterprise to get a sneak preview of upcoming features

Do I miss something?
Do you discontinue enterprise ready preview builds?



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C# ?


Have you improved the program’s behavior in project validation?
I noticed this bug during work:


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Hi! Our company currently uses 2019.4.3 for Studio and 2018.2.6 for Orchestrator (Enterprise Edition). Can someone refer me to a link where I can update our components’ version?


Yes, sure! Try them out! Happy to hear the feedback from you!