C# Support Temporarily Removed in Studio 19.10

C# Support Temporarily Removed in Studio 19.10

We introduced the option to create C# projects in Studio 19.6, under the “Experimental” label, and since then we’ve been working hard to improve the reliability of our C# support. However, if you are using C#, you have likely noticed the quality is not yet good enough to remove the “Experimental” label.

Our upcoming 19.10 release is our annual Long-Term Support (LTS) Enterprise Release. We have an even higher quality bar on LTS releases, because customers rely on them long-term and we support them in the form of patches for an extended period of time (Enterprise SKU only).

Unfortunately, this means we cannot include experimental features in an LTS release - so we needed to temporarily remove C# support for the 19.10 release only. This means that in 19.10:

  • You will not see the option for C# when creating new projects
  • You will see an error message when opening an existing C# project

We want to reassure you this is temporary - we have heard loud and clear that you want the option to use C# in UiPath Studio projects. C# will be re-enabled in next month’s Community update. You can get support back sooner if you opt into our Preview channel (go to the Help tab and choose the “Preview” channel radio button on the right side).

If you need access to your project in the meantime, you can open it in Studio by opening the project.json file in a text editor (e.g. notepad) and changing the value of the “expressionLanguage” from “CSharp” to “VisualBasic”. This will enable you to open the project, but the project will not Build or Run successfully. At this point you can either convert the code in the project to Visual Basic or wait for C# support to return shortly.

Thank you for your patience and for helping us ensure a high quality LTS release for our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Sad to see the missing c# option. Hope the team will get back stronger on flexible use of c# in UIPath.

Karthik Byggari


What if our company has deadlines (to be certified) ? Did you think about that ?

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I can’t even convert my project as It doesn’t show the values I want to edit but only, greyed: “Unregistered Expression Editor”…

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is there any way to downgrade ?

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Not in case of Community Edition. Please stay tuned. This functionality should come back soon :wink:


We’ll be staying with the LTS for the year, and while this is unfortunate (I hate VB with a passion), it’s understandable. Let’s hope that C# is ready for a LTS version next time around. :slight_smile:


ETA when?

When c# support is back and will be enabled???

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Any updates on this?