UiPath 2019 Preview (Community Edition v2019.7.0)

2019 Preview brings you the third iteration of our soon-to-be LTS: v2019.7.0 Community Edition! :smile: :partying_face::star_struck:

If you’re on the Studio Stable channel, our latest 2019.7.0 version is already available to you. You can also download this version from your Cloud Platform account.

As you already know, our Orchestrator Community Edition has grown up a bit and is now called UiPath Cloud Platform. This means that you can keep all your data in the cloud and let us worry about maintenance and scalability. From a release notes standpoint, all of the updates that are going to come your way are available under the UiPath Cloud Platform section, such as this one.

What’s New


The new Watch Panel is designed for enhancing debugging by adding and monitoring variables, arguments or expressions during execution. Such expressions may include variables or arguments as well. For more information, check the documentation.

We’ve added conditional tracepoints to debugging in Studio. Simply set a hit count and log message to a conditional breakpoint, and monitor the execution in debugging panels. Learn more about this here.

User Voice

We’re constantly striving to create a better product and your feedback is truly valuable. Which is why we’re introducing a new way to send your thoughts directly from Studio. Simply head over to the ribbon and Submit an idea or Report an issue. Head to the documentation to view all the steps that you need to take.


The UiPath 2019 Preview is now available in Simplified Chinese.

OmniPage OCR

A new OCR engine is now available to improve the speed of your robots. You can now use the OmniPage OCR pack for analyzing and processing document flows. There are two versions available, the Basic and the Extended version, the difference between them being the variety of included languages. You can check the new package here.

For using the OmniPage OCR activity with the Computer Vision pack, please use the UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities package, v2.0.0 or higher.
The OmniPage OCR activity is also compatible with the UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities package, v2.0.0 or higher and can be used in any OCR context.



Activation of a Community license in Studio is now faster, simply click on the Activate Community License button after installation and you’re good to go. Details about how to license Studio are available here.

Building upon the previously delivered C# support, we’re now bringing you C# support for libraries. Read more about this here.

The Command Palette has been enriched with yet another functionality called Go to File for finding and opening files part of the current project folder. Read more about this here.

It is now easier to add activities to a sequence by simply clicking the plus sign at the top or bottom of an activity. This opens the Add activity bar for searching for activities.

More tabs have been added to the Universal search to make it easier to navigate through search results. See all tabs here.

We made improvements to GIT integration and added SSH support for cloning a repository. Check the documentation for more details.

Add to Source Control shortcuts, part of the status bar, are now available in the project’s context menu as well. See them here.

You can now copy an activity from Studio to a text editor, make changes, and copy the activity back to the Designer panel. Learn more about this here.

The activity that threw the exception is now marked in the Call Stack panel. Upon double-click, it is focused in the Designer panel.

The Activities Root Category is now memorized in the Publish window for libraries.

We’ve updated our project.json schema to a newer version. See here what this means.


It’s now possible to disable security for XAML files when you install or update the Robot using the UiPathStudio.msi installer. With security disabled, users are able to read and modify process files and logic. This is useful for executing processes in virtualized environments, such as Citrix Apps and Desktops or over RDP connections.


The UI Interface of the Taxonomy Manager wizard has been updated with a new Edit button. You now have the option to edit the name of any created Group or Category by clicking on the Edit Group or Edit Category button. More details here.

Range field properties have been updated for the following activities: Read XPS Text, Read PDF Text and Read PDF Text with OCR. You can now add in the Range field a single page, a range of pages or a complex range of pages. More details about the Range field can be found in the activities pages, here, here and here.

The Invoke Code activity now enables you to add C# code to the ever-growing arsenal of programming languages that can be directly invoked from UiPath workflows.


The Chrome Extension can now also be installed on Chrome versions lower than 64.

It’s now possible to create automation projects for OpenJDK.

The aastate attribute can now be included in WND selectors.


  • Detection of UI elements was improved to support different resolution settings and scaling modes.


  • Improved selector generation to allow unique identification of SAP session windows.
  • Selectors for SAP now benefit from the getTooltip attribute. It returns the tooltip message from an element which includes a tooltip.
  • When indicating SAP elements, you can now generate AA selectors besides the default SAP selectors.
  • Events monitoring has been improved to properly interact with target activities.


  • A backup of the original accessibility.properties file is now created when you install the Java Extension.
  • Some improvements were made to decrease the installation time of the Java Extension.

Known Issues


  • UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities v1.0.1 and UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities v1.1.0
    only work when using Studio with UIAutomation v19.6.0 or lower.


  • GIT SSH authentication is not supported when using the GIT Init command.
  • Studio throws an exception when using Invoke Workflow to invoke a C# process in a Visual Basic project.
  • The GIT or SVN Enter Credentials window does not keep its size when adding long strings in its fields.
  • Changes to default tooltips and Help links for library projects are not saved.
  • Non-default namespaces defined in libraries with web services are not automatically imported in other projects.
  • The values of variables with default name item and row used in For Each and For Each Row activities are not displayed in the Locals panel.
  • Variables and arguments are not renamed in Watch and Breakpoints panels.
  • Exception call stack is not displayed in the Output panel, following a debugging session.
  • Resources like name, type or value cannot be sorted in the Locals panel.


  • The Invoke Process activity throws an exception if the target package installation exceeds 20 seconds.


  • Only the top-left element can be identified in collapsed SAP tree list.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that was populating the headers of tables reported by the Data Extraction Scope with the names of the extractors. Now, the headers are populated only with the custom names from the Taxonomy.
  • The issue was allowing you only to open the .pdf file, when browsing it from the Output field. Now you can save a .pdf file as an image directly by browsing for it straight from the activity.

Activities Versions

The following activity packages and versions are included in the installers and are added as dependencies, by default, to a newly created project in Studio:

  • UiPath.Excel.Activities - v2.6.2
  • UiPath.Mail.Activities - v1.5.1
  • UiPath.System.Activities - v19.7.0
  • UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities - v19.7.0

Good work team. :slight_smile:


woah. Big update! Command palette search is very welcome. Studio is becoming more and more a full fledged IDE.

Awesome job UI Path team! :grinning::clap:


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How enabling/disabling works? If it is enabled, is it encrypted/not-readable or cannot be opened?

Is UiPathStudio.msi installer can be acquired only on licensed development? Enterprise trial and community seems to give .exe installer only.



Great work guys… So many new stuff yo make us work better and fast…

Well done

Keep going!!! :smiley:


Huge update, a lot of these little features are really helpful! Really appreciate the focus lately on debugging, especially with the new Watch Panel. Can’t wait to try them out :star_struck:


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Good Job Team :clap::clap:


Loving the new functionality, when you think there cant be better improvements they add them on :smile: !! Makes work even easier :wink:


Big change,Big chance.


Kudos team UiPath :blue_heart:


Great update, congrats!

One smaaaaaall thing though :slight_smile:. The text color for variables in variables panel, arguments, and also transitions is very hard to read in Dark mode. Maybe it’s just my monitor, but thought i’d ask.




Hi @Serban

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Please go ahead and report it right away directly from Studio :slight_smile:


Oooo, pro tip! Hadn’t noticed that. Done, thanks!


Vero, How can I find the option GIT in this new Versión of UiPath, because this option don´t appear in the menu Team.


Hi @Carlos_F
There are some issues with Git on Windows 7. Try installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update and restarting Studio. This should fix the problem.


Kudos Uipath Team.

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