Renew orchestrator license

Hello guys
There’s big problem
The orchestrator license is expired and i need to renew it as soon as possible

I have an active one but I don’t know how to renew it can you help me

I need the steps

Hello Check this below link

Thanks :beers:
Chethan P

My version is 2019.10.17

Read this one

My expired version is 19.10

My company gave the 2020 version

How to do that I’m stuck and there’s a process stopped

@N_Qahtani - Are you trying to renew the license or are you trying to upgrade orchestrator from 19.10 to 20.10?

My 19 is expired
The new one is 2020
Is this need to upgrade or what?
Can i just renew it ?
And if the upgrading needed, need to backup or something?

I’m new in uipath and I don’t have anyone to ask in my company

@N_Qahtani - There is no version wise expiry it’s only license key expiry. If your old license is expired and if you have got it renewed, your license key will be same. If you are getting new license key means, its not renewal, they actually gave you a new license. If that’s the case, you will need to remove the existing license key and apply the new license key. It will work in the same 19.10. Please check whether the new license key is same or a different one than your old license key.

I cant see the license there is just “host license “

@N_Qahtani - seems like you are logged into Default or other tenants not on Host Tenant. You need to login to Host Tenant where you can find the license key masked without last digits.
Host login will be something like this.

Where can i login as a host?

@N_Qahtani - It will be with whoever installed the orchestrator. While installing the orchestrator we setup the Host and Default tenant passwords.

I removed the license and try to put the new one and ask for a file and when I’m requesting for the file they respond the key is not activated!

@N_Qahtani - So the license key was different? What kind of activation are you trying to do? Offline or Online?
If you have internet access and is accessible, it will be easy to license. Check this document for step-by-step activation process for 19.10.