2019.9 Stable Channel Changelog

19.9 Stable Release

30 September 2019

  • Various Activity Project Settings improvements and bugfixes. See the changes here.
  • Workflow Analyzer: a first stable version of this previously beta feature which includes new rules, commandline support, clear results, bugfixes and improvements to the Error List panel. Read all about it here.
  • Debug: when an exception occurs, hitting ignore will continue the execution from the next immediate step while ignoring the exception.
  • Debug: Highlight elements and Log activities have been added as toggle options on the ribbon and are OFF by default. These defaults also bring debug on par with run in terms of execution speed. Check them out here.
  • Quick access landing page: Backstage landing page was modified to bring quick access to code. Recents list, Open from Local and Open from Source Control are all in one single place and are closer to the side bar. This brings the most common backstage actions closer to users reading from top to bottom and from left to right. View the changes in the guide.
  • NPS Survey: if you receive an NPS survey request starting with 19.9, we would absolutely love your feedback. If you don’t have time for this, we will understand, which is why you can easily dismiss.
  • Studio Logo: we thought we should give our Studio IDE a face, to easily distinguish it inside the taskbar. Hope you like our new logo.
  • Test activity: you can now test activities from the Activities panel as well as from the workflow file. Check it out here.
  • Hovering over an activity from the Activities panel will show you the activity parent package name inside the tooltip.
  • Group by Package: you can now view all your activities inside Activities Panel grouped by package name and categories. You can also choose to not show the activity categories. View the option here.
  • Immediate Window various UI improvements
  • Show annotations docked by default: create an annotation via SHIFT+F2 and just move to the next activity without docking. Annotation is by default docked.
  • Library argument annotations: When adding annotations to workflow arguments from a Library, they will appear as tooltips to the corresponding generated activity IN/OUT properties.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements to Command Palette
  • Orchestration Process: this template allows users to build master processes which can pass tasks between humans and robots. This human in the loop scenario is achieved by suspending execution state between a robot execution and the step where a human needs to perform a task or approval. Depends on Orchestrator support which will be released at a later stage.
  • Orchestrator Resources Panel: this new panel, which can be enabled by refreshing the new Refresh icon on the status bar, will display all available assets, queues and processes from Orchestrator. This reduces the burden of having to switch to Orchestrator when an asset name, queue name or process name is needed inside the workflow definition. Use copy to add to activities.
  • Agent Desktop was removed from the Stable build and will come back at a later stage.

Documentation will follow up including detailed release notes.
Download from UiPath Cloud will be available soon as well.
Those who are already on Stable channel will be auto updated.
Please let us know your thoughts at any time on Forum and / or via the Send Feedback built-in option.


Wow. That’s great :slight_smile:

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Is this the LTS version?

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Awesome , Great Work

No. LTS will be a version of 19.10 that we mark as LTS and we communicate to all Enteprise customers.


Hi MirceaGrigore, is LTS same as Enterprise version? We have not seen an Enterprise version update for over 3 months now. Are you saying it would come out around same time Community 19.10 comes out? Would love to finally try out all these features. :slight_smile:

Thank you. We’re still on the previous LTS, so really looking forward to the 19.10 LTS update.

As of 2019, UiPath has a 2 releases per year cadence in Enterprise and 1 release / month in Community. In Enterprise these are scheduled for April and October as of now.
An Enterprise release is marked as LTS only after thorough testing and validation.
We definitely need our Community’s help in this endeavor :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for the update Mircea. I really enjoy all the updates you guys have made. Keep up the good works.

@MirceaGrigore how are you?

One question regarding Workflow Analyzer, Variable Naming Convention ST-NMG-001 by default is set to Snake case, but in Workflow Design docs it says that:

Variables should be upper CamelCase, such as FirstName , LastName

So, which one is the recommended as best practice?

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OutOfMemoryException occurred when I published a library which may be not so big.
Is it a 19.9 problem?


AFAIK, the camel case and the snake case are still a Camel case style. So, you could use either the camel case or snake case as best practices.

You can refer to the example for those as below image which I snapshot from the document

Happy Automation!!! :smiley:

Hi @tnguyen449!

Just having a naming convention is a good practice, whatever convention is used (Camel, Snake, Pascal, etc). My question wasn’t about which one is a good practice (since both are) but more about which one did UiPath recommend as default choice.

Since both Workflow Analyzer and Documentation are created by UiPath, I had doubts to why the default recommendation was different between the two.

We should/will update the documentation and give multiple examples of regexes. Any convention you decide to use within your company/organization is fine. These best practices and code conventions in general are things that a collaborating team decides, not us.

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Thanks for the update!

It may be a good idea to update de REF variable and arguments name too. Otherwise with default configurations Workflow Analyzer will return a lot of errors for the REF.

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Wow. That’s great :slight_smile:

venky :slight_smile:

  1. It’s hard to find workflow analyzer. Studio has button to Analyze but there is no button to get fast access to analyzer settings (and i suppose that the most of developers don’t know about this feature at all).
  2. Anyone can’t change arguments naming regex because of the wrong content layout:
    OutRegex and IORegex are not visible on the screenshot as you see.

In my experience UIPath should find a good UI designer.

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Hi guys. Thanks for the work. Everything is fine. But in a dark topic theme are design problems with decisions, paths. This is what immediately caught my eye. Is it possible to independently change the color of the theme fonts? Thanks

Hi @robocat

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

We are aware of this issue and we are researching the cause. It will get fixed.
Unfortunately, I can’t offer any workaround as of this moment (except for switching back to the Light theme :sunglasses:)