Studio Sign In Guides

Studio Sign in guides

Please carefully watch these videos made by @bogdanripa in case you get stuck with our new Studio Sign In experience:

They should clear out any confusion.

Studio Sign-in, known issues

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Before I had one unattended process running on one machine and one attended on another machine. With the new setup I have no clue how to setup an unattended process. Can anyone help me?

Furthermore my two old User profiles are still visible in “Users” and I am not able to delete them.

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I seriously need your help please. When I download the file to install, some data are cracked and I can’t process the installation.
Then in advance for your support.

unfortunately there are many issues with uipath when they make updates and the latest 21.4.0 update is no exception. You should always have backup files of your robots because with the last update mine got corrupted and I had to reinstall in order to make them work in Studio. Also the Studio update did not go smooth so I had to reinstall Studio as well. So there is no quick fix, unfortunately. Regarding orchestrator many things have happened and it is not very user friendly to setup but spending a lot of hours you can manage, untill the next update!

Hi, when my first sign in .
Program ask for machine key.
where to get a Machine Key?


you can find the machine key on Uipath Orchestrator>Tenant>Machines and click and open the machine to get your machine key.