Cannot sign in to Studio Pro

Hi everyone, I am not able to sign in to UiPath Studio Pro version 2020.4.1 and connect to orchestrator. There is no button for me to sign in. Does anyone knows how to do with this?

Hello @JoyceP

  1. Check internet connection.
  2. Verify UiPath Assistant for sign-in options.
  3. Confirm Orchestrator settings (URL, machine key).
  4. Ensure your UiPath license is activated.
  5. Make sure you have a valid UiPath account.
  6. Restart UiPath Studio.
  7. Consider reinstalling UiPath Studio.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

In general, it looks good so far (Project is opened)
Feel free to expand / pin the project tab etc:

And check down, what is shown - otherwise connect from there

From Assistant:

with the Orchestrator

Hi @JoyceP

  1. Once Check Your Licenses are valid and whether you’re using correct credintials
  2. Restart/Re-install/Update UiPath studio and try to check again

Thank you for your response!
I have checked that I am connected to the internet as I can access the website. there is no login button in the UiPath assistant either. The license is also active and has not expired. I have also created a UiPath cloud account for access. How do I get the URL and machine key and how do I log in using them?

At least you can click on your icon → Preferences → Orhcestrator Settings

I can go to Orchestrator Settings but I cannot edit anything on it. Even the Orchestrator URL drop-down menu doesn’t expand.

please share with us a screenshot:

  • From Studio bottom Status line
  • From Assistant preferences


Bottom line:

After clicking the “Orchestrator Not Connected”, it would just say the robot is not connected to Orchestrator and give a link “Orchestrator - Connecting Robots to Orchestrator”.

Assistant preferences:

could it be the case that you are blocked due the miss of the needed Admin (windows) level rights

Oh :thinking: Very likely because I’m using company’s computer. Then I will ask the IT further. Thank you for your response.