Unable to Connect to tenant

Hi, I have download UiPath Studio and already created orchestrator account.
But when I try to connect to tenant there is an error prompt out as shown in the image below.

Can anyone help on this ?


  • You have to first create a Machine in your Orchestrator Environment- The name of your machine is your computer name (obtained from your My Computer Properties)

  • Create an Environment for your Robots to operate in

  • Additionally, you create a Standard Robot using yours domain\login credentials - this Robot will work on your machine via the UiPath Assistant

  • Once you create a machine, you will get access to a Machine key

  • You come back to your Desktop

  • Start UiPath Assistant from your UiPath Start Menu

  • Click UiPath Preferences on the top-right>> Orchestrator Settings and fill in the details (Machine Name, Machine Key and Orchestrator URL) and Connect

  • And then Start Studio - you should find your Studio connected to your Default Folder in the Orchestrator (Bottom-Right)

Hi Andy, I’ve done all the steps you have above. But the error still occur. Any idea ?

It should work. Unless there is something missing.

If you are getting the same dialog box that you posted earlier,what happens when you click “Use Machine Key” on the bottom left of the dialog box?

Is the UiPath Assistant and Studio the same version?

Did you restart your machine and try?

I already try to connect using the machine key, the error still exist which block me from connecting to the UiPath Studio.

Yes, the UiPath studio and assistant is the same version.
I also have tried to uninstall and restart my machine and install it again. But the error still happen.

I have to see it in action to suggest something better. But it looks like you lack access to your Tenant.

Is it possible for you to post screen grabs of your Orchestrator setup?