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About our products

This document is part of our beginners guide.

This article will familiarize you with all UiPath products.

Our Products

See below for a short summary of our UiPath Product line-up. Each description comes with a drop-down with most commonly asked questions.

UiPath Studio

Our flagship IDE product for designing and automating complex business processes. It allows anyone to create automations by providing an easy to understand visual editor and huge variety of drag and drop activities.

  1. What is the difference between Studio Community Edition and Studio Enterprise Edition?

    In general, the two versions are really close to each other. The biggest difference between the two versions is the installer:

    • Studio Community Edition is installed via the EXE installer and does not allow you to choose which components you want to install. To allow you to run your automations, it installs UiPath Robot in user-mode. Robot running in user-mode does not work for your entire machine and therefore will not allow Orchestrator to remotely connect to it and start an unattended automation (in short, unattended automation can only be started with the Robot user already being logged in on the machine).
    • Studio Enterprise Edition is installed via the MSI installer and allows you to choose which components you want to install. UiPath Robots installed from the Enterprise installer works as a machine-wide service which allows it to work fully unattended.
  2. Where can I download the Remote Runtime Installers (UiPathRemoteRuntime.MSI)?
    It is available on this page

  3. Is it possible to receive MSI installer with Community Edition version?
    Yes, if you are our customer with an Enterprise license. You can then sign up to the Insider’s program to get access to the latest Enterprise installer as well as wide range of other perks. You can read more about it here:

  1. My Studio Sign-In does not work. What can I do?
    See these guides to learn more about the feature. These will walk you through the process:
    Studio Sign In Guides

UiPath StudioX

It is a UiPath Studio profile that is more oriented towards task automation. It enables business users with no coding skills to build automations.
See here for an explanation on how switch to StudioX profile after your UiPath Studio is installed.

Check out our Academy StudioX course to learn more as well.

UiPath Robot

Your digital workers for running automations you created in Studio and StudioX.

The UiPath Robot is what runs your automations. These automations can be run either with human supervision (attended) with the help of our Agent Desktop or completely in the background (unattended) when scheduled via Orchestrator.

UiPath Assistant

It is an application that allows you to control your attended automation in one place.

  1. How to use the scheduler feature of the UiPath Assistant?

    To learn, you can either browse to our documentation or check out this community guide.

UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite is a robust solution with allows you to automate tests in UiPath Studio Pro, manage tests with UiPath Test Manager and execute tests with UiPath Orchestrator.

Please see here for a list of documentation topics around our UiPath Test Suite:

UiPath Orchestrator

Orchestrator allows you to control all your robots and processes in one place. It also allows you to schedule the unattended processes on your unattended robots to run your processes without human supervision.

It manages your digital workforce of globally deployed robots from a single central location directly from your web browser or our Orchestrator Mobile app.

  1. What is the difference between On-Premise Orchestrator and the Automation Cloud Orchestrator instance?

    See here for the full list of features which are supported by both options:

  2. Is it safe to use the Automation Cloud orchestrator instance?
    Please have a look at this post to learn more: Orchestrator data privacy

UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App

Orchestrator Mobile allows you to quickly manage your automation related activities from your phone.

The UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App can be used with the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform Edition or the UiPath Community Edition and is available now in the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

UiPath Task Capture

UiPath Task Capture is part of the Process Understanding product family. It allows you to precisely document your processes.

Once you identify potential automation candidates, you’ll need to get even deeper insights about the processes directly from employees. Simply share this tool with your inner Subject Matter Experts and they will quickly deliver their expertise about the particular task, provide you with the true vision about the processes you consider for automation, and help you maximize ROI from RPA.

UiPath Task Mining

UiPath Task Mining is part of the Process Understanding product family. It allows you to capture, analyze, and prioritize processes run in any department for automation and uses AI to identify the best automation opportunities.

UiPath Process Mining

It allows you to scientifically discover your next automation opportunity.

To help you scale and take the results from automation to a whole new level, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of our Platform – UiPath Process Mining (formerly ProcessGold).

UiPath Insights

Measure the true impact of RPA on your business.

Insights provides an Orchestrator-integrated platform for data modeling and analytics using any combination of available business metrics and operational insights. Using custom-designed dashboards to visualize company data across desired metrics, it enables you to discover new analytical insights, track performance indicators and be alerted of errors or anomalies.

You can learn more from our documentation.

UiPath Action Center

Seamlessly automate long-running business processes by bringing a human in the loop.

Automate complex processes that require exceptions, escalations, and approvals by bringing a human into the loop to make required decisions.

Our Platforms


Marketplace contains the atomic particle of the RPA energy. Access this collaborative marketplace to innovate or discover a full suite of reusable automation components, APIs and services. No matter if it’s for building a portfolio of reusable automation components, or simply finding an automation solution, the marketplace is a continuous source of inspiration.


Training space that is dedicated to RPA knowledge seekers. Here you can access open, online, free of charge and self-led RPA academy courses, RPA certification opportunities, and educational programs for educators and students. This inclusive experience is designed considering all learning levels, from beginners to RPA professionals.

UiPath Automation Hub

UiPath Automation Hub is a collaborative process identification, automation pipeline management, and process repository tool. Its goal is to accelerate the adoption of RPA across your organization, by building an RPA Community of Interest.
This puts you, the employee, in the driver seat of automation initiatives.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these products. We will be happy to answer :slight_smile: