Reinstalling UIPath Studio, "Cannot acquire a licence", or remove "Unresponsive Floating Robot"

After some issues with UIPathStudio 2020 20.6b, I uninstalled and reinstalled it redownloading the .exe, which was version 2020 20.8b.

In case it’s relevant, my 20.6b run into some uninstall issues. It deleted everything from \local\UIPath, except the UIPath Firefox extension, because it was in use. I deleted it manually after stopping firefox. I also deleted the .nuget UIpath packages and the \local\UIPath folder and then executed UIPathStudio 2020 20.8b. But given the error message, it seems like there is some kind of sync issue between UIPath cloud and my local installation.

But after launching the app and login in with my UIPath Cloud account, I got the “Cannot acquire a license” message.

Here are some additional information that might be of help:

Here are my robots usage and license info from Orchestrator cloud:

I failed to find any “reset” option anywhere, or anything that’d allow me to solve this problem.

Please help!

Hi @P_Botrel

Could you go to Tenant -> Users and then edit your user and check the settings there?

My current assumption is that a new, Modern folder was auto-created and provisioned for you, while you still had your machines attached to the old Classic folder.

Could you post a screenshot of your Orchestrator folders?

Here it is.

  1. User Details:
  2. Attended Robot:
    This used to be StudioPro, but moving it to Inherit license from user’s group fixed an error I got. If I switch it to Studio, I get the following error:
    Same kind of error for StudioX.
    If I switch it to Attended I get no error on the Cloud, but the following error in Studio:
  3. Unattended Robot section
    No issues
  4. Robot Settings optional
    No issues (and nothing changed, all grayed out).

Could you then show the Administrator group settings? :slight_smile:
(and whether you have a classic + modern folder in your Orchestrator)

My two robots are Modern.

Administrators group:

Same for 4.

Administrator role settings

Could you maybe watch these two videos, which should explain a bit the changes that were done in 2020.8 version:

I believe there is some conflict between your old and new setup here.

It seems the issue was that in UIPath Assistant, Orchestrator Settings, the Connection Type was set to Service URL instead of Machine Key, like before.


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