UiPath Assistant fails to start when loggedin to the Uipath Cloud

If I start UiPath Studio it says No robot cnfigured for the current user.
If I go o the orchestrator and check if he ssistant is connected I can’t sign in. I also can’t ge a descriptive error message.

Anyone ?

pls check which user id you have assigned the license. Note: User id should be domin\username

also check what type of license you have assigned. if you assigned unattended bot license then studio won’t work. If you want to use studio assign developer license.

Can you give us information to how you created the account in UiPath Platform and how you created the account in Orchestrator? Also how you assigned the licenses would help to help you solve your problem.

Also please tell us what your goal is, do you want to setup an unattended robot or do you want to use attended robot / studio?

Hello @baseware2001

Please check the following:
Access Orchestrator → Tenant → Manage Access → Identify your user and click on the contextual menu → Edit → Personal automations setup → See if “Enable user to run automations” in checked → If not, check it → Update

Please tell us if this helped. If not, can you share with us more details based on the other questions on this topic? Thank you! :rocket:

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