LINQ query to update(replace)datatable in uipath

LINQ query to update(replace)datatable in uipath

Can you please share your condition and sample data @Rachel7

I have input data table as
Col1 Col2
123 ABC

I want to replace the empty value to β€œNA”

@Rachel7 should be technically possible, has done some statements very very close to this task

Great @ppr. Can you pls share it.

@Rachel7 Sure, but give me some time I have to rusch into several meetings in a few mins.

dt.Select("[Col2] like β€˜% %’")
This will give you list of data rows then use for each then check if condition
row[Col2]="" then take assign activity and give like this

this is maybe a too quick shot as it replace any space in any column to NA and returns a datatable.
But you can give a try

(From r In dtData.AsEnumerable
Select ia = r.ItemArray.toList
Select ic = ia.ConvertAll(Function (e) e.ToString.Trim.Replace(" ",β€œNA”)).toArray()
Select dtCorrected.Rows.Add(ic)).CopyToDataTable()

Use statement from above within an assign and assign it to an empty dataTable: dtCorredted

Before the assign above create an empty datatable with same structure as OriginDataTableVar with an assign: Staement - OriginDataTableVar.Clone


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