How replace , and - in all excel cells

Hi All,

im trying replace , and - to empty space in all excel cells how can do that.



try for each row

row(index of column).ToString.Replace(“-”,“”) and the same with “,”.

for this case not to mention this Column is constantly changing
Is there any chance of mentioning the whole sheet without header name?

Either the method @doceluch suggests, which will work particularly well when you have read the info out of excel into UiPath.

Or using excel functionality if you havent read it into UiPath and you have the Excel open (using an excel app scope), so either a pre-built macro within the excel file, or clicks in the ribbon to use the find and replace function, or send hotkey Ctrl+F to find an replace

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The count of columns is constantly changing too? Or the count is still same?

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give a try on following:

using x.ToString.Trim.Replace(" - "," ").Replace(",","")

it work

thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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