Issue while processing large excel data

Dear Forum members,

I have to process one datatable which is having more then 2 lakh rows.
I have to visit each cell.
But for each row is taking many hours to process whole data.

Is there any way to process it in minutes ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Sahil Garg

@Sahil_Garg Can you explain what exactly is the operation that you are trying to perform ?


I have to change each cell value for a particular column, but total rows are more then 2 lakh

@Sahil_Garg Can you please explain in Detail as to what is actually happening :sweat_smile: , so that we can help you in Optimising if at all it is possible.
Also For a Better approach of understanding the Problem, You can Provide us with the below requirements.

  1. Sample Input Data.
  2. Operation Being Performed.
  3. Expected Output

Apology buddy, data is confidential.

Assume there is Date column having 2 lakh rows of date and we have to convert format of date for each cell.

If i use row(“Date”) = NewDatestr
it is taking many hours.

can you suggest me any other solution so that many hours can be saved.

@Sahil_Garg Can you check if you are able to solve the issue with the help of the below component ?

Actually can’t use external activity :sweat_smile:

Hi @Sahil_Garg

For faster approach use the below code in invoke code with dt1 datatable as argument type in/out

row(“Date”)= NewDatestr)

Try this

Mark it as solution if it resolves ur query


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Hi Nived,

Your solution worked but it is still taking time to convert all.

Do you have any query for find and replace in data table without opening excel.


Check below post for connecting excel as a database

Once you finished your configuration, then you can use SELECT / UPDATE Query with Execute Query activity

Hope this helps you


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Thanks you all for reply.

This post is help me for this problem .

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