Manipulation on Datatable -help

Hi everyone, can anyone please help me into this, I have one datatable in which i have to replace each “%%” sign with “,” .
Please help me how can I. Achieve this .

The datatable which I have is too large , number of Columns and large, I just want, in single shot it will replace all item as %% to ,

Please help me.Thankyou in advance.

can you check:

Replace("%%" , ",")


Where did the data in the datatable come from? Maybe there’s a way to do this replacement before loading into the DT.

Also, anything loops. There is no such thing as “single shot.” Don’t mistake Linq for meaning “doesn’t loop.” You could just as easily do this with For Each Row and Assigns to do the replacement. How many rows and columns are we talking about?

First I have one text file from that I replced comma with %% ,then I converted that into csv file by using (vbtab,‘,’) so now I wanted to replace all %% by , again in converted CSV file

Please help

Thank you, it is working :grinning:

Why don’t you just do the extra step of converting %% to what you want the same way you did the other replacements?

Or in the automation you just read it in as a text file into a string variable and do a Replace. Then re-write the text file.

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