Excel is replacing blank value

In datatable i have blank value.i need to update the datatable in excel,but in excel there are some formula it’s getting replace by the blank value in excel what is the solution for this

Hello @sruthesanju

Could you please give more insights to your issue.

Are you getting this datatable from some other source and you are trying to write that to an Excel?
Else plz give some screenshot and explain the requirement.

Yes I am getting datable from othersource and updating in excel

Then which formulas are getting deleted? Are you keeping some default excel template and writing data to that?

Yes there is some default formula in excel

before writing to excel replace all null value with a zero and then write to excel.

If i replace the blank value in datatable to zero will it replace the formula in excel

I think no…That is your requirement ryt

It’s now replacing the formula in excel as zero

Can you share a screenshot of the excel and is it replacing other values??