How can i replace the word in all the column

I use pivot and i have ‘’(vide)" instead of nothing how can i remove it


Read Range into a datatable, change the values in the datatable, Write Range back to the sheet.

how can i change it ?

You could loop through the datatable with a For Each Row, and have one or more Assign statements inside the loop…or use a single Assign statement that uses a database query to alter the values in the datatable.

If you’re not familiar with working with datatables, there are plenty of resources including the free UiPath training on their web site.

There isn’t a faster way to do :
in the column B replace (vide) by “”

It could be done with a query, but that’s pretty complicated.

would not recommend using this query as long it is not checked on any side effect from pivot to read in datatable. So check the datatable content before.

Felt complexity will go down with growing experience and development practice

But that’s what he wants to do, replace (vide) in any column with blank. Although I just realized this is a pivot table and I’m not sure how that affects things.