Deployment from acceptance environment (including assets) #AutomatedDeployment #Migration




We have 3 orchestrator environments. Development - Acceptance - Production.

Way of working now is that developers create a package of a robot-script. That file is manualy uploaded in the acceptance enviroment and when tested, we upload that same file manualy in production env.

It would be nice if we could “push” a version from 1 env. to the other. So that orchestrators are linked.
And even better is that you could select a version to move, including some assets. Now assets have to be created manualy in each system.

Is there such way of automated deployment or will it be in future versions? (if not, can I add this wish to the backlog? :))

Asset - Copy selected assets from One Orchestrator URL to another Orch URL

Moved to Ideas, so your wish will be a little closer to become true. :blush:


Something that would help with migration is planned (18.2 earliest), but till then a question.
How are your 3 environments separated? Different orchestrator instances, different tenants on same instance, units?



@Ovi: Thanks for moving my item to “ideas”.
@Cosin: The 3 environments are installed in 3 different servers/machines.