Deploying between dev to prod orchestrator

Hi everyone,

as per best practice, I have two cloud orchestrators, one for dev, one for production.

I’ve read the discussion above (very old) in which you asked for the possibility to link the two environments so you don’t have to load the package manually in the production orchestrator (assuming you have 2 studio licenses hooked in dev).

Is there any news about this?

Or is it still necessary to publish a package from studio in dev and perform the operation manually in production?

Thanks in advance


It’s not a good practice when you are doing in PROD, because anytime you can change the code and publish to PROD

It’s better to publish a package and upload in PROD, OR you can also try with the DEVOPS practice

Hope this may help you


Using Azure DevOps has been pretty effective deployment tool for many users. There is UiPath integration for it. Essentially, you check in code updates using TFS which sends the code to a centralized cloud location. Then, using a Release pipeline, the code is published from there, which it can be sent to the Dev Orchestrator and Prod Orchestrator after approvals.

I am not aware of a way to connect Studio to multiple Orchestrators in order to publish to two places at once. So, like I suggested, you would want to connect it through TFS and use a deployment tool that can integrate with UiPath, such as Azure DevOps.