Copy and Paste Assets from Test environment to Prod Environment

In my process am having 50+ assets in test orchestrator. I want to move all the assets to prod orchestrator as well. .Should I create all the assets again manually or do we have any option to migrate all the orchestrator assets?. Guide me Experts!!!

Hi @Thiru,

If you are using azure devops you can easily add this feature in your pipeline.

I think there is many ways you can do this but our team is using azure devops, where we use for version control and the azure devops automatically publish the packages to orchestrator, once we publish new git/tfs version from UiPath Studio.

To automatically publish all assets from development/test to production orchestrator you have to create the assets.csv file that contains all the assets you want to publish in both orchestrator. In Azure devops Pipeline you can add the UiPath task called “Manage Assets” and then write the csv filename into the CSV File in your Pipeline.

In Azure devops under releases the project process package will be publish either manually (Pre-deployment approvals) or automatically without approvals.

Using Devops for every project makes it really easy to manage project version control, assets, testing process/library, publishing automatically and so on.

Here is a link on how to setup azure devops: How to Implement CICD Pipeline Using Azure DevOps Pipelines | Community Blog (

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This indicates a problem with your design. Why would you have that many assets for a process?


You can use orchestrator manager process to easily manage the asset migration, including credentials.

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