Integrate Assets, Queues, Triggers, etc.. into Continuous Integration

One of the biggest area’s i see for improvement is the following.

There is no natural promotion of assets, queues, triggers etc from environments. A very common scenario we see is the following.

Dev > Create an asset with the Dev Value
Test > Create the same asset with the updated Test Value
Prod > Create the same asset with the updated Prod Value

We have been working internally in our organization to build developer tools to eliminate this. The idea is anything created is associated to a Process or Library. When that process or library is deployed the required Assets, Queues, Triggers etc move with it. I was curious is UiPath is working on anything like this as it has helped our productivity tremendously. This is our flow we are working towards as an example.

  1. Developer creates a new Process Locally
  2. Using an Attended App developer hotkeys for example ctrl+a to create a new asset.
    An Asset Form popups locally, gathers all tenants, and allows the Dev to input the asset
    and the associated values for all environments.
  3. Upon saving a migration file is created and uploaded to a storage bucket in Orchestrator. This file holds the asset name and values for each environment.
  4. This “migration” is run in Dev which is essentially an API call to orchestrator to create what is in the generated file.
  5. Now when promoting the Process from Dev > Test the migration is run in Test automatically creating the asset with the Test value as it is associated to the Process we created.
  6. The same would apply when moving from Test > Prod.

This isn’t just for creating something new. It should also be for updating and deleting. Essentially created a list of “migrations” that have occurred within the orchestrator and being able to apply those to a higher environment.

Many programming languages have this concept and I was just curious if UiPath is working on anything like this? We have seen great developer productivity improvement as well as improved deployment accuracies as you no longer need to worry about manually creating something in Prod. Since everything is associated together all the pieces move together.

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Hi @Andy_Warns,
This is very valuable feedback! I will share it internally :slight_smile: Thank you very much!


Hi @Andy_Warns

You can also see this reply for some more context:

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