Migrating required Data(Assets,Packages,Robot etc) from one Orchestartor Server to anothe

Hi…Can someone please help me in below dobts:
1)how can we move the required data(like Assets, Robot Connections,Packages etc) from a particular tenant in one Orchestrator to Another Orchestrator.

Actually earlier we were using a shared orchestrator (tenant wise) and now we are getting our own project Orchestrator


hi @neha8923
Robot & Assets You have to be created by manually
this function will be having in future as UiPath Currently considering about this

packages : this you can have various option , even you can able to download your package if you want on orchestrator and upload to your new tenant
or all the packages stored in locally in the robot machine , you can copy those in to new one

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@Maneesha_de_silva is it possible to take the backup of the DB and webconfig file and paste it in the new server.

With that will it be possible to move the assets and other things


yes of cause , Its possible.
make sure when you taking the full backup or full tables that you required

@Maneesha_de_silva do u know any document which could suggest how to take the backup of only the data of a particular tenant and what all tables are involved and then how to restore it. I don’t want to go for full backup.

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hi @neha8923
actually there are no any doc related for that form Uipath , because its relevant to DB side work,

And tell me your real requirement : you are going to push data to a newly created server or just need the data in to new tenant

I want to move the particular tenant data from Orchestrator1 to Orchestrator2. It should include all the assets,robots,packages . Both Orch1 and Orch2 are of same version 2019.10