Orchestrator Assets per Environment

A client suggested that it makes more sense to have assets per environment. He has a process that runs with some assets values in the test environment. When he moves it to production he would like to use the same asset and he wants to be able to do this without selecting manually all the robots from that environment.

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Agreed. But also there should be an easy way of migrating assets from one environment to another rather than having to get involved with the database. 9/10 you are going to need the same assets but with different values so an export/import function would be awesome. Possibly for queues as well although they’re very quick to create now.

Remember the old days with SMA!!! :cry:

Let’s see how asset per unit will work.

Hi guys,

I have almost 50 Assets that representative of Robot Name and Environment. Few of them I set up as Global Asset and the rest is for specific Robot. but the problem is I set up the assets on my local machine and I need to migrate to QA Server.

I feel tried to register them one by one on the qa server. seems that Orchestrator don’t provide the export features also there is no Create Assset in the Activities.

does anyone has idea how to solve my issue?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi All, this is exactly the same dilemma that we have in our org. Migrating the assets from an environment to another is so tedious and prone to error.

Hi @badita,

Do we have any updates on this case?

Build a workflow to create assets :wink:

how you migrate asset for difference Robot?

As a heads up in 19.10 environment will disappear :slight_smile:.
We will have a hierarchical organizational units structure (Folders) and Asseta_Per_Folder.

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wow, big change. so I will have painful to upgrade from 2018 version to the latest.

The old and the new model will go side by side for a while.

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thanks. so, I will not suggest my customer to upgrade to the latest.

Learn more about it here :slight_smile:

When using Assets in Orchestrator it would be nice to assign them to whole environments.

When Assets are used in different system environments (test, qa, prod) and you switch a robot from a test to a production environment you have to alter i.e. credentials, for this robot.
Or you have to use the same process and deploy it twice with different “single value Assets”.

If Assets could be defined for a whole environment this wouldn’t be neccessary.
Robots which are added to an environment can’t be forgotten to assign “Per Robot” Assets.