RPA Infrastructure: Promotion between Environments (DevOps)

Promotion between the Environments:
• How do we do promotion between different environments i.e. From Dev to UAT to Production in UiPath Implementation?
• Is there any tool or utility which is used to do so?
• What are the challenges and common issues you/your team has faced.

Many Thanks for the response.

Bump this topic … interested in same info. Last time I heard, there were no real automation ways from UiPath, but that could have changed.

This is just from what I know, but there is a task being created by UiPath to integrate into VSTS/Azure DevOps. This should allow a more streamlined way to deploy projects between multiple Environments.

I can’t provide any other details because I’m not sure if it is supported by the UiPath team yet. I have used it briefly, but initially there were some issues installing it in our company, but I think we’ll get it working soon.

I don’t know when or if UiPath plans to present this solution publicly.

Thanks @ClaytonM. Anyone from UiPath has more info on this (hopefully UiPath admins see this :))

Hi @Kemal

We are definitely looking into improvements in the CI/CD area to streamline deployment and further improve scaling capabilities. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Please check out this idea and provide your feedback, it is always welcome:

Hi @loginerror I saw this thread as suggested solution in several posts but since then, is there any update regarding an official feature to solve this usual scenario?

Hi @PeteG

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You can refer to this post for some more information:

Thanks for your answer.

I already check the related post. I’d like to know if this is in the roadmap of the tool or not, to avoid using external modules, scripting, etc to perform tasks that are in the daily basis of a software development project.

Thanks in advance.

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