Deployment from acceptance environment (including assets) #AutomatedDeployment #Migration

Hi @ovi @vvaidya @Bogdan_Popescu @Cosin

Can anyone give a clear picture on below things ?

  1. How the code along with assets, schedules in orchestrator and config files in project folder all move from dev environment to prod environment ?
  2. Do we need different orchestratos for different environments ?
  3. How everything that i mentioned above move from one orchestrator to the other orchestartor ?

I am new to uipath and it will be a great help for me to get all these info. So kindly help me on this.
Thanks in advance !!!

Any update on this feature ? Similar requirement needed in our project. Can someone provide the Orchestrator API steps to do this?

Any update on this feature? It would be a great help to our development lifecycle.